Homelodge Garden Room Accommodation Units

Following our introduction to garden room designs used as accommodation units we are please to introduce you do to the accommodation units designed and built by Homelodge. Homelodge are one of the longest established garden room suppliers, in fact this is their 25 anniversary year! Homelodge have used their extensive experience to design a range of accommodation units that work well and are built to high standards.

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Homelodge have designed a range of buildings specifically for the annexe market that meet the latest in Building Regulations, this is very important because garden rooms used for sleeping accommodation must comply with Building Regulations.

Homelodge Accomodation units comprise of spacious general living space, kitchens, shower rooms and bedrooms and have a cosy, homely feel.

Current trends with housing and finances mean finding that people are tending not to move home to obtain additional living space, they are now looking to add the space to their present dwelling – be it as an extension, loft conversion and increasingly a room in the garden.  By having a Building Regulation compliant building the owners have the flexibility of creating an independent space that can be used for – sleep-overs, occasional guest room, physiotherapy/beautician surgeries, gyms etc.

Also with people living longer now increasingly some families who have elderly parents are often faced with the dilemma of knowing that their parents perhaps should not be living on their own but would rather not putting them ‘into care’.  They can install an Accommodation unit in the garden to house their parents – the perfect solution.   This way the parents retain their independence and privacy but all have the additional peace of mind that they are within easy reach of the rest of the family.

The Homelodge Accommodation Range with its stylish vaulted ceiling is now a major part of the Homelodge business.

Planning – when a building is to be used for sleeping in with connection to foul drains etc Planning Permission will be required.  Homelodge are pleased to act as agents for clients or can recommend a Planning Consultant, however the Homelodge Accommodation range complies as a mobile home and therefore is exempt from planning permission under section 29 (1) of the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960 and section 13 (1) of the Caravan Sites Act 1968

Building Regulations – the application for Building Regulation approval is part of the Homelodge service.  They do this through their Building Regulation partners, Regional Building Control Ltd.

Plumbing – Homelodge undertake all of the plumbing work including connection to the services.  As part of their standard items of supply they include water heaters, w/c’s, baths, shower/wet rooms & kitchens.  Homelodge can also install disabled facilities.

Heating – is included in the standard supply items.  Generally this consists of wall mounted convection heaters but Homelodge can also install a heat pump system.

Sizes – every Homelodge is designed to suit the requirements of the project.  The range starts at 3.6m x 5.4 going on to – 3.6m x 7.3, 3.6m x 8.3, 3.6m x 9.1m, the width increasing by panels of 1.2m.  The design can progress to ‘L’ shapes as well.  Homelodge also can provide the same amenities as a flat roofed building.

Additional costs – Homelodge provide clients with a comprehensive quotation thus not leaving them with any ‘nasty’ surprises of additional costs.  The likely additional costs to the price of the building would be – groundworks which include for foundations and trenching for the services duct, planning application fees and Building Regulation fees but all these would be outlined in our comprehensive quotation.

VAT exemption – Homelodge have an exclusive ruling from the Inland Revenue that because our Accommodation lodges can come under the ‘Mobile Home Act’ these buildings are exempt from VAT – a very attractive consideration!

So, if you are looking for extra living space for teenagers or as a granny annex consider the Homelodge Accommodation Range, with VAT exemption it’s a very attractive proposition! Visit the Homelodge website for more information.

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