Have more space next Christmas

If you are reading this post, the presents have all been opened, and you have eaten your Christmas lunch, and you are thinking you need an extra room! Garden rooms come into their own at this time of year, particularly when you have a house full of relatives. They can be a place to escape to yourself or self-contained accommodation for your relatives to stay in, in comfort.

If you are thinking of a garden room that can double up as a guest bedroom, you will need to choose a Building Regulation compliant garden room. Any room that you plan to sleep in, even only occasionally must comply with Building Regs, not all garden rooms do comply as standard.

It is becoming very popular to incorporate a shower room into a garden room building; this makes the building flexible and self-contained from the main house. Some suppliers will organise the installation of the shower room and the connection to the mains supplies; other suppliers will fit out the shower room and ask you to engage a local plumber to organise the hook-up.

By design garden rooms are highly insulated structures which mean’s they are comfortable places to spend time throughout the year, even on these cold wintery days. When it comes to heating the room, you have lots of options from electrical wall heaters through to underfloor heating and air conditioning systems.

A garden room is a very quick way to add extra space to your house, with lead times from as little as four weeks from the time you place your order. The onsite build is also quick, with buildings being completed in 1 -2 weeks, although some firms can assemble them much quicker than this.

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