Garden Room with Shed

Want a garden room but need a shed? Well, there is no reason why you can't have both under one well-designed roof. Garden room designers are very clever at making the shed element of the building so discreet that you'll hardly know its there. We have curated this collection of garden room with shed articles to show you the wide range of designs available.

Stylish storage with a purpose

There is no reason why a garden room with shed can't still be stylish.

Traditional multi use garden room

This garden room with storage shed oozes traditional charm.

A room that is practical too

This garden room was designed to enjoy the view, but features practical storage too.

Garden office with bike shed

A striking garden office with discreet storage for the bikes.

Garden room with concealed shed

The door of this shed area has been matched in with the cladding.

Garden room with concealed storage

A garden room and storage shed sit on a footprint of 5m x 3m.

Garden office with shed behind

Take a look at this large garden office with discreet store behind.

Garden room with hidden shed

This popular design with wrap around glazing also has a hidden store shed.

New garden room with shed design

Garden Affairs recently launched a new garden room with shed range.

Indoor / outdoor Garden Space

This build not only has a garden room and storage area, but great deck too.

Garden room with storage

You have to look closely to see the entrance to this storage shed. 

Garden office with integral store

This garden office has a storage room all under the one roof.

A large building in a small garden

This good sized garden room with shed has been built in a small garden.

The beauty of modular design

3rdSpace have designed a modular system which allows them to incorporate shed areas.

L-shaped garden room with shed

Garden rooms don't have to be square as this L-shaped build shows.

Garden room with shed area

Not only practical, a garden room with shed can be stylish too.

Garden studio with integral shed

This garden studio has a shed area under the one roof.

Garden office with shed

This garden office building not only has a storage shed but sauna too.

Garden gym with shed

This garden gym building has a discreet shed alongside.

Small garden room with shed

One of the smallest garden rooms with shed we have seen.

Garden office with separate storage

This garden office has a storage module alongside.

Maximising space in a city garden

A garden room with storage shed maximises space in a city garden.

Hidden garden room storage

The storeroom is cleverly positioned behind the main garden room in this design.

Storage behind a garden room

Another example where the storage shed is positioned behind the garden room

Contemporary garden room with shed

This contemporary design discreetly incorporates a valuable storage shed.

One building, multiple functions

This garden room has been designed to have multiple functions under the one roof.