Modular Garden Rooms

Mod105 have been developing their range of modular garden rooms for over a year and have recently launched a unique garden room range, what they have created is a trendy garden room especially suited to the urban garden which can be installed in as little as an hour!

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The system is built on an aluminum framework into which different panels can be inserted – either a green MDF product which has a lifespan of 50 years or UV resistant acrylic glazing panel.

At the moment the range is only single skin, but a insulation system is in the pipeline which will mean you could comfortably work in the MOD105 room all year round.

Cool Video

The panels are light weight, Paul from MOD105 tells us that they fit on the roof rack of a Audi A4 so this system is ideal on sites where access is difficult, and only need one tool!

This modular garden room can be finished in any colour and would make a cool garden office!

Watch this space for news as this range develops, or visit the MOD105 website for further details.


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