SIPS Garden Rooms

This archive of articles looks at the work of SIPS Garden Rooms who offer a bespoke design service. As their name suggests they use highly insulated SIP’s panels as the core structure. These are the same SIP’s panels that are used in modern housebuilding, creating rooms that will be comfortable to use all year round.

SIPS art studio

SIPS art studio designed to be virus free

A lovely SIP’s artists studio designed to have wheelchair access and to be virus free. With MVHR air filtration system and antibacterial, antiviral & anti fungal surfaces.

The bi-fold doors create a great connection with the garden

Garden gym designed to take the weights

When building a garden room that is going to be used as a home gym, the designer needs to give considerable thought to the additional loads that housing and using gym equipment will have on the structure.

Manshed by SIPS Garden Rooms

SIPS built commercial building

SIPS Garden Rooms have designed a high-spec Manshed for Princess Alice Hospice. The project fully complies with the Commercial Building Regulations.

SIPS Garden Rooms F4

Garden rooms can slot into the tightest of spaces

Because of the way garden rooms are built, they are the ideal building system when confronted with a difficult site. SIPS Garden Rooms were recently faced with a site which would be considered tricky by many.

SIPS Garden Rooms annexe

Garden Micro Home

SIPS Garden Rooms have sent through some images of a micro home that they have built in their clients garden. These photos show that with some thought you can create a modern, light and airy living space at the end of your garden.

SIPS Garden Rooms

Artists Studio by SIPS Garden Rooms

This pitched roof contemporary garden room is being used as an artists studio. The pitched roof allows for windows in the gable end and allow space for tall equipment.

SIPS Garden Rooms F10

A multi functioning room in the garden

SIPS Garden Rooms tell us about a multi use room they recently created. It is to be used as a home gym and also a home cinema space.

SIPS Garden Rooms

Garden Room with Galvanised Cladding

You can create a unique look by choosing a different external cladding for your garden room. This design features galvanised corrugated cladding.

SIPS Garden Rooms F9

Granny Annexe by SIPS Garden Rooms

More and more readers of this guide are looking for information on granny annexes. This recent build by SIPS Garden Rooms is a fine example of a granny annexe in the garden.

One Bedroom Granny Annexe in the Garden

A great example of a high quality one bedroom granny annexe building in the garden by SIPS Garden Rooms

Garden Room With Two Uses

Its becoming very popular for garden room designs to have multiple uses, in the case of this recent build by SIPS Garden Rooms the building houses a large garden room with separate laundry room which is accessed by a concealed door.

Eco Classroom

Many garden room suppliers also build classrooms creating valuable extra space for schools across the country. This example is packed with eco friendly features.