Hargreaves Garden Spaces

This archive of articles looks at the work of Hargreaves Garden Spaces who offer a bespoke design service. They offer a complete service and can undertake the landscaping of the garden as well as building the garden room.

They offer a range of cladding options from Cedar to Render, including low maintenance composite wood cladding.

Alongside their square and rectangular buildings the HG Spaces team also offer a rather nice corner garden room design.

Infinity pool with underwater treadmill by Hargreaves Garden Spaces

Garden Gym with Infinity Pool

Choosing to work with a company that specialises in bespoke garden room design means ending up with a space perfectly tailored to your intended use. You’ll have control over the size and the configuration of doors, and windows, as well as the choice of materials used. This garden gym project by Hargreaves Garden Spaces exemplifies this tailor-made approach brilliantly.

The two-roomed building comprises a well-equipped gym complete with a kitchen, and a separate pool room housing an infinity pool with an underwater treadmill.

Hargreaves Garden Space need just 400-500mm of space to install their garden rooms

How much space is needed to install a garden room?

The Permitted Development and Building Regulations tell us how close to a boundary different size garden rooms can be positioned. But, you also need to consider how much space is required to install the room.

Hargreaves Garden Spaces need 400 -500mm of space, meaning their rooms sit pretty tight to a boundary.

Redwood clad garden gym and store room by Hargreaves Garden Spaces

Redwood-clad garden gym & store

This 6m x 3.5m garden room is an example of the Windsor range by Hargreaves Garden Spaces. The footprint has been divided to create two rooms, a home gym and a storage room.

The exterior of the building has been clad in Scandinavian Redwood. The cladding has been carefully detailed to accentuate the deep wing detail that supports the roof canopy.

3m tall garden gym finished with a striking mix of white render and Cedar cladding

Garden gym with Cedar & white render finishes

This stylish garden gym building is by Hargreaves Garden Spaces and is an example of their Kensington Range that mixes smartly detailed rendered sections with Cedar cladding. The gym building is 3m tall, offering plenty of headroom when using the treadmill and cross trainer.

Look closely and you can just see the door into the secret store room

Garden room with shed built within three boundaries

4m x 3m garden room with secret storage shed that maximises the space available between three boundary fences.

The front elevation has been clad in Western Red Cedar while the hidden elevations have been finished in British Cedar.

Hexagonal insulated log cabin by Hargreaves Garden Spaces

Hexagonal garden hobby room

An insulated log cabin is a good alternative if your budget doesn’t stretch to a multi-layer garden room building. Hargreaves Garden Spaces offers insulated log cabins alongside their higher spec garden room buildings. They have recently installed this hexagonal log cabin design that their client is going to use as a hobby room.

Garden art studio built on sloping ground by Hargreaves Garden Spaces

Art studio with composite cladding

3.5m x 3m art studio with low maintenance olive green composite cladding by Hargreaves Garden Spaces, it has been designed to overcome a sloping site.

2m deep garden room by Hargreaves Garden Spaces

2m deep garden room

We know that many readers are looking for a small garden office building, so we are excited to share this 2m deep example by Hargreaves Garden Spaces.

Inside an insulated log cabin office by Hargreaves Garden Spaces

Garden room alternative

If your budget doesn’t stretch to a multi-layer garden room choosing an insulated log cabin from Hargreaves Garden Spaces is a cost-effective alternative.

This 4m x 3.5m home office is a good example; it also features a useful storage room.

Garden office for a tight space by Hargreaves Garden Spaces

Garden office with a storeroom for a tight space

This garden office and storeroom by Hargreaves Garden Spaces has been designed to slot into a 3m wide garden, maximising the space available. While some companies insist on space being left all around the building so they can install it, Hargreaves Garden Spaces has developed a system that allows them to build tight to a fence.

Exterior of the insulated log cabin

Creating a garden office on a limited budget

Needing a home office but with a limited budget that would not stretch to a highly insulated garden office, Hargreaves Garden Spaces helped their client maximise their budget with an insulated log cabin building.

Garden office with maintenance free cladding by Hargreaves Garden Spaces

Garden office with maintenance-free cladding

Composite cladding is an excellent choice for a garden office as it has a long maintenance free lifespan. It is also idea for inaccessible walls next to boundaries as this Hargreaves Garden Spaces project shows.

3.5m x 2.5m garden office by Hargreaves Garden Spaces

3.5m x 2.5m garden office

This 3.5m x 2.5m garden office project by Hargreaves Garden Spaces proved a better option than a traditional house extension.

British Cedar clad garden room with store by Hargreaves Garden Spaces

British Cedar clad garden room with store

Hargreaves Garden Spaces designed & built this 5.5m x 3m garden room with secret store. It features British Cedar cladding an alternative to the more commonly used Canadian Cedar.

Garden gym by Hargreaves Garden Spaces

5.5m x 4.8m garden gym

This 5.5m x 4.8m garden gym by Hargreaves Garden Spaces is 2.8m tall to offer extra headroom, about 300mm more than you would get in a standard garden room. Not all garden room companies will increase the height of their buildings, but Hargreaves Garden Spaces do.

Hair salon garden room by Hargreaves Garden Spaces

Hair salon garden room

Can you create a professional hair salon at home? This Hargreaves Garden Spaces project proves you can. Complete with two workstations, back basin, kitchenette & toilet, it is a fully functional salon.

5m x 2.5m garden office with storage shed by Hargreaves Garden Spaces

Work from home building with storage

5m x 2.5m garden office with secret storage room for a homeworking couple. Finished with Redwood cladding which left room in the budget for aluminium bi-fold doors and a plastered interior finish.

HG Spaces garden office beside a garage

Garden office slots in beside the garage

Hargreaves Garden Spaces designed and built this contemporary garden office that has slotted in beside a garage. Utilizing low maintenance materials so the lack of access is not a problem.

6m x 4m Insulated garden room by Hargreaves Garden Spaces

6m x 4m Insulated garden room

Stylish 6m x 4m insulated garden room by Hargreaves Garden Spaces. The multifunctional room has been designed as a family space & home gym.

Trio of garden rooms by Hargreaves Garden Spaces

A trio of garden rooms

Three garden rooms side by side by Hargreaves Garden Spaces. Creating a home gym, cinema room and secure storage room.

Garden office and gym combo by Hargreaves Garden Spaces

Garden office and gym side by side

A pair of low maintenance composite garden rooms one used as a home office while the other is a home gym.

Corner garden room by Hargreaves Garden Spaces

Corner Garden Rooms

Hargreaves Garden Spaces team have designed a building that sits perfectly in the corner of the garden, directing the windows and view into the heart of the garden.

Small composite office pod

Composite office pod

Hargreaves Garden Spaces have launched a new range of low maintenance, composite wood garden office pods. Available in 3 sizes, with prices from £10,999 inc VAT and installation.

The k-render and red grandis create a low maintenance exterior

K-Render mixed with Red Grandis cladding

Mixing white K-Render with Red Grandis cladding, Hargraves Garden Rooms have created a striking exterior to this garden office. The combination of materials will require little maintenance to stay looking good.