Snowdon Domes

Snowdon Domes offer insulated timber frame geodesic garden rooms & glamping pods across the UK. They come in several sizes and can be customised to your requirements.

The exterior of a Snowdon Domes building can either be clad in treated Redwood or in Western Red Cedar. The shape of the building creates a lovely cladding pattern.

Inside, the timber framework is on display, creating a lovely aesthetic.

Cedar clad Snowdon Dome garden room

Geodesic dome garden rooms & glamping pods

If you are looking for a garden room that stands out from the crowd, you’ll want to explore the work of Snowdon Domes, who offer a range of timber-framed geodesic domes that can be used as garden rooms or glamping pods.

The interior can be customised to add a shower room, kitchen area or a mezzanine floor.