Crusoe Garden Rooms

This archive looks at the work of Crusoe Garden Rooms. We have been writing about their buildings since 2014. Crusoe Garden Rooms offer a number of designs which can be tailored around your garden and intended use.

The Crusoe team mix large expanses of floor to ceiling glazing with Cedar cladding to create contemporary style garden rooms

As well as these articles, you might want to look at this gallery of their garden room builds, it is very popular!

Exterior view of the bespoke Crusoe Garden Room with the French doors open

Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited creating Beach Life in Chelsea!

Situated in a beautiful enclosed garden in the heart of Chelsea, Crusoe Garden Rooms designed this bespoke 5m wide by 2.5m deep building that is divided into two rooms; they then handcrafted it on-site. The Cedar cladding has been painted to offer a lovely beach hut aesthetic.

The Logic by Crusoe Garden Rooms

The Crusoe Logic always makes sense!

Since its launch in 2020, the Logic by Crusoe Garden Rooms has become a popular choice with buyers looking for a large garden room. At 28sqm, it is one of the biggest outdoor rooms you can build before needing to comply with Building Regulations. At 2.5m tall, the Crusoe Logic is also Permitted Development friendly.

6m x 4m music room by Crusoe Garden Rooms

Garden music room for professional musicians

This 6m x 4m garden music room is by Crusoe Garden Rooms. Its specification has been tailored around the acoustic requirements of their clients, who are professional musicians.

Examples of Work From Home buildings by Crusoe Garden Rooms

Examples of work from home buildings

Examples of work from home buildings by Crusoe Garden Rooms. They show how a garden room can be tailored around the needs of different occupations.

Crusoe Garden Rooms are designed for every season

Garden Rooms for all Seasons

Being highly insulated structures, Crusoe Garden Rooms are designed for all seasons. They are a warm place to be on a cold day and a cool space on a hot day.

Crusoe Garden Rooms

Ten years of creating beautiful bespoke cedar clad garden rooms…

As the 10th anniversary of Crusoe Garden Rooms approaches, let’s see where it all began.  In fact, it all came from a set of second hand sliding doors from a building project that Trev Naylor, the Co-Director of Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited, could not bear to take to the tip and can be seen below […]

Crusoe Garden Rooms

4m x 2.8m cedar clad garden room

Have a look around this 4m x 2.8m bespoke version of the Crusoe Pad garden room. It features Cedar cladding, bi-fold doors and a fully plastered and decorated interior.

Fusion by Crusoe Garden Rooms

Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited are introducing their new Fusion concept

Crusoe Garden Rooms have added a new exterior finish to their portfolio called Fusion. The Fusion option mixes Cedar cladding with painted exterior grade plywood. Not only does it look great, but it can also save you money.

Crusoe Garden Rooms Sanctuary Range

Create your very own ‘Sanctuary’

Crusoe Garden Rooms Sanctuary Range can be tailored to your needs. It is well specified as standard, but extras like underfloor heating and decking can be designed in.

Crusoe Garden Rooms on 'Cocooning'

Crusoe Garden Rooms on ‘Cocooning’

Crusoe Garden Rooms share how their buildings can be tailored to create your ideal ‘cocooning’ space.

An outdoor room enhances a garden

An outdoor room enhances a garden

An outdoor room can enhance the garden it sits within. They can revitalise an unused, and blend wonderfully with the natural colours of the garden as these Crusoe Garden Rooms show.

The Logic by Crusoe Garden Rooms

The Crusoe Logic

The Crusoe Logic at 8m by 3.5m gives 28 square metres of flexible space to be used as a home office, gym, studio, retreat, cinema room, entertainment space.

Crusoe Garden Room six years on

Garden rooms coming into their own

Crusoe Garden Rooms have shared with us some of the feedback they have received on how valuable their buildings have been during lockdown.

Crusoe Garden Rooms before and after transformation

Crusoe Garden Rooms before and after

A garden room can transform a garden and how you use it, as these before and after photos of Crusoe Garden Rooms prove.

Garden designer Karen McClure chose a Crusoe Garden Room for her own garden

Crusoe Garden Room chosen for designer garden

When it came to adding a studio building to her own garden, award winning garden designer Karen McClure chose a Crusoe Garden Rooms design.

Garden room with centre sliding doors

Garden room with sliding doors

Your choice of door can have a big impact on the style and usability of your garden room. Sliding doors that meet in the middle are a great option.

Garden gym with storage room

Garden gym & shed

This 7m x 3m Sanctuary Range design by Crusoe Garden Rooms has been customised to create a garden gym with discreet storage shed area.

Bespoke Crusoe Garden Room

Crusoe Tailored Garden Rooms

Crusoe Garden Rooms share with us how they can tailor their contemporary garden room designs to create their clients ideal garden space.

Cedar garden room bedroom beside the stone outhouse

Garden room Airbnb

How about earning an income from your garden room building? A recent Crusoe Garden Rooms customer is doing just that via Airbnb. The family in North Yorkshire approached the Crusoe Garden Rooms team asking them to create a fully insulated garden room that can be used as a guest bedroom.

A bespoke soundproof studio is designed around the users needs

Bespoke soundproof garden studio

Soundproof garden studios come in various levels from the addition of basic acoustic insulation through to full dead rooms, designed by specialist sound engineers. This is a good thing as every customer has different requirements. Crusoe Garden Rooms have built lots of different soundproof rooms.

Crusoe garden gym with outdoor kitchen area

Garden gym with outdoor kitchen

Crusoe Garden Rooms have created this 7m x 3m garden gym. The customer has then had the area landscaped to include an outdoor kitchen area, creating a great indoor/outdoor space.

Garden rooms make a great space to relax in-11

Garden rooms make a great place to relax in

A lot of people are buying a garden room for use as a home office but it doesn’t have to be all work and no play when buying a garden room. As these photos from Crusoe Garden Rooms prove, a garden room can be a place to just relax.

The Classic Garden Room by Crusoe Garden Rooms

Crusoe Classic Garden Room

As the name suggests, the Classic Range from Crusoe Garden Rooms features many of the design features which have become the ‘classics’ of contemporary design.

At 7m x 3m this garden room is wide but not too deep

7m x 3m Crusoe Garden Room

The 7m x 3m Sanctuary by Crusoe Garden Rooms is ideal for those looking for a wide, but not too deep garden room.