Crusoe Garden Rooms

This archive looks at the work of Crusoe Garden Rooms. We have been writing about their buildings since 2014. Crusoe Garden Rooms offer a number of designs which can be tailored around your garden and intended use.

The Crusoe team mix large expanses of floor to ceiling glazing with Cedar cladding to create contemporary style garden rooms

As well as these articles, you might want to look at this gallery of their garden room builds, it is very popular!

Example of a Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited building

Crusoe celebrates their 100th client testimonial

Reading testimonials from past customers is an important way to get a feel for working with a garden room company. Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited has now received over 100 testimonials, highlighting their status as a trusted, family-run business. Each testimonial offers insight into what it’s like to work with their dedicated team, showcasing the experience each team member brings to a project.

Soundproof music room by Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited

Crusoe music rooms are a ‘Big Hit’ with clients

As musicians themselves, Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited understands sound and can tailor their garden room specifications to meet your specific acoustic requirements. Over the years, they have created soundproof studios for both professional musicians and keen amateurs, as well as incorporating soundproofing into home cinemas, and yoga and meditation rooms, ensuring a peaceful and quiet space.

A granny annex with kitchen and shower room in Somerset

For Business or Pleasure and Everything in Between…

Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited tailors each of their designs to meet the customer’s unique requirements. Whether it’s incorporating acoustic insulation for a soundproof music room, crafting a dual-purpose home office and gym, or designing a garden annex complete with a kitchen and shower room for independent living, their bespoke approach is evident in every project. As a family-run business operating across the UK, they specialise in cedar-clad designs featuring plastered and decorated interiors. These rooms are not only aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable for use every day of the year.

Example of the Crusoe Pad garden room

The Crusoe Pad: A Well-Specified Garden Room

At 3.6m x 2.8m, the Crusoe Pad is a garden room that fits comfortably in most gardens without overpowering the space. It’s large enough for a variety of uses, from a home office to an art studio, or even a personal gym.

8m x 4m building by Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited

Two garden rooms built in two years for the same client

A quality garden room adds significant value to a home. For homeowners who love their current house but need extra space, garden rooms offer a cost-effective solution to extending their living space without the need to move or embark on major renovations. Then when it comes to selling their home, these versatile buildings can add significant value and appeal to potential buyers.

Recent clients of Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited can attest to this. Within two years, the company has constructed two garden room buildings for one family. This repeat business speaks volumes about the quality of Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited’s buildings and their stellar customer service. It also underscores how integral a garden room can be to a household.

7m x 3.5m example of the Sanctuary Fusion design by Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited

Work from home in a Crusoe Garden Room

Creating a home office in a garden room has always been a popular choice for these versatile buildings, but these offices aren’t limited to solo desk workers. They can serve as successful business premises, accommodating multiple desks and providing ample storage space for goods and materials.

Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited crafted this 7m x 3.5m building, which has become the ideal workplace for clients in Nottingham. Priced just under £26,000, this garden office is not only functional for business but also enhances property value and offers flexibility for a diverse range of future uses.

Lakeside Crusoe Garden Room

From conception to completion

Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited recently turned a client’s vision of a lakeside retreat into reality. Despite challenging conditions, Crusoe’s in-house team took care of the whole project, from the initial design to the completed room, including the final electrical connection.

Unlike many competitors who outsource installation, Crusoe Garden Rooms send their own team to sites across the UK, meaning you work with just one company throughout the project, allowing you to relax while your garden room comes to life.

Crusoe Garden Rooms exterior lighting

A Spotlight on Crusoe Garden Rooms

When considering a garden room, try to envision its versatility beyond the daytime hours. By incorporating exterior lighting into your design, you not only extend the functionality of your building into the evening but also create a stylish focal point in your garden. Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited understands this concept, exterior lighting is an integral part of their design process.

Garden room designed around the requirements of a ceramicist.

Made-to-measure studio for Yorkshire Ceramicist…

Tailor made 6m x 3m fully insulated, Cedar clad garden ceramics studio by Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited.

Windows have been cleverly positioned to frame the views. The studio also has well specified electrics with provision for a kiln.

Tailor made Crusoe Garden Rooms

Tailor made Crusoe Garden Rooms

Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited is a long established company renowned for its ability to tailor its garden rooms to suit the exact requirements of the client whilst remaining great value for money.

Click through to explore examples of how Crusoe Garden Rooms personalise each building around their client’s requirements.

Exterior view of the bespoke Crusoe Garden Room with the French doors open

Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited creating Beach Life in Chelsea!

Situated in a beautiful enclosed garden in the heart of Chelsea, Crusoe Garden Rooms designed this bespoke 5m wide by 2.5m deep building that is divided into two rooms; they then handcrafted it on-site. The Cedar cladding has been painted to offer a lovely beach hut aesthetic.

The Logic by Crusoe Garden Rooms

The Crusoe Logic always makes sense!

Since its launch in 2020, the Logic by Crusoe Garden Rooms has become a popular choice with buyers looking for a large garden room. At 28sqm, it is one of the biggest outdoor rooms you can build before needing to comply with Building Regulations. At 2.5m tall, the Crusoe Logic is also Permitted Development friendly.

6m x 4m music room by Crusoe Garden Rooms

Garden music room for professional musicians

This 6m x 4m garden music room is by Crusoe Garden Rooms. Its specification has been tailored around the acoustic requirements of their clients, who are professional musicians.

Examples of Work From Home buildings by Crusoe Garden Rooms

Examples of work from home buildings

Examples of work from home buildings by Crusoe Garden Rooms. They show how a garden room can be tailored around the needs of different occupations.

Crusoe Garden Rooms are designed for every season

Garden Rooms for all Seasons

Being highly insulated structures, Crusoe Garden Rooms are designed for all seasons. They are a warm place to be on a cold day and a cool space on a hot day.

Crusoe Garden Rooms

Ten years of creating beautiful bespoke cedar clad garden rooms…

As the 10th anniversary of Crusoe Garden Rooms approaches, let’s see where it all began.  In fact, it all came from a set of second hand sliding doors from a building project that Trev Naylor, the Co-Director of Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited, could not bear to take to the tip and can be seen below […]

Crusoe Garden Rooms

4m x 2.8m cedar clad garden room

Have a look around this 4m x 2.8m bespoke version of the Crusoe Pad garden room. It features Cedar cladding, bi-fold doors and a fully plastered and decorated interior.

Fusion by Crusoe Garden Rooms

Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited are introducing their new Fusion concept

Crusoe Garden Rooms have added a new exterior finish to their portfolio called Fusion. The Fusion option mixes Cedar cladding with painted exterior grade plywood. Not only does it look great, but it can also save you money.

Crusoe Garden Rooms Sanctuary Range

Create your very own ‘Sanctuary’

Crusoe Garden Rooms Sanctuary Range can be tailored to your needs. It is well specified as standard, but extras like underfloor heating and decking can be designed in.

Crusoe Garden Rooms on 'Cocooning'

Crusoe Garden Rooms on ‘Cocooning’

Crusoe Garden Rooms share how their buildings can be tailored to create your ideal ‘cocooning’ space.

An outdoor room enhances a garden

An outdoor room enhances a garden

An outdoor room can enhance the garden it sits within. They can revitalise an unused, and blend wonderfully with the natural colours of the garden as these Crusoe Garden Rooms show.

The Logic by Crusoe Garden Rooms

The Crusoe Logic

The Crusoe Logic at 8m by 3.5m gives 28 square metres of flexible space to be used as a home office, gym, studio, retreat, cinema room, entertainment space.

Crusoe Garden Room six years on

Garden rooms coming into their own

Crusoe Garden Rooms have shared with us some of the feedback they have received on how valuable their buildings have been during lockdown.

Crusoe Garden Rooms

Crusoe Garden Rooms before and after

A garden room can transform a garden and how you use it, as these before and after photos of Crusoe Garden Rooms prove.