Swift Unlimited

This archive of articles looks at the work of Swift Unlimited, one of the most experienced names in bespoke garden room design. We first featured their work in 2011, so there is lots to explore in this archive!

The Swift Unlimited team are not afraid to push the design envelope, creating buildings with striking features tailored to their customer’s needs and tastes.

Over the years the Swift Unlimited team have built everything from home offices through to self-contained homes in the garden. They also create modern SIP’s  commercial buildings.

You might find this gallery of Swift Unlimited’s projects interesting.

Swift Unlimited garden room with a covered area suitable for a hot tub

Extend Your Garden Room with a Hot Tub Shelter

Extend Your Garden Room with a Hot Tub Shelter Published: 11 May 2024Reading Time: 1 minute 53 seconds One of the great joys of a garden room is that it allows you to enjoy your garden regardless of the season or weather. These rooms can also be tailored to how you plan to use the […]

Swift Unlimited's client has created a professional clinic space for her physiotherapy business at home

Garden Physio Clinic

This recent project by Swift Unlimited is a fine example of how a garden room can become a tailormade workspace at home. Swift’s client, a physiotherapist, sought to escape the high costs of renting clinic space on the high street and wanted to work closer to her young family. Opting to invest in her own property, she planned to build a clinic at the end of her garden.

5m x 6m garden office & gym building with Siberian Larch cladding by Swift Unlimited

Garden Office & Gym Designed to Maximise the View

Garden rooms, with their design flexibility, can be customised to meet your specific needs, seamlessly blending into your garden to enhance the indoor-outdoor connection. This 5m x 6m space, serving as a home office, gym, and entertainment area, is optimised to maximise views without obstructing those from the main house.

4m x 3.5m Swift Unlimited garden office with Western Red Cedar and Anthracite Grey doors and windows

Swift Unlimited is happy to let designs evolve

A bespoke 4m x 3.5m garden office featuring a kitchenette, designed by Swift Unlimited. Throughout the design process, the concept underwent several iterations, collaboratively refined with the clients until their ideal room was achieved. With Swift Unlimited, garden room design is a collaborative journey.

The L-shaped kitchen was designed in collaboration with the clients

36sqm One-bedroom garden annexe

Bespoke one-bedroom annexe by Swift Unlimited, featuring a well-specified kitchen and an ensuite shower room. Thoughtfully designed to incorporate favourite pieces of furniture, the annexe also boasts efficient, space-saving fitted storage and pocket doors between rooms, blending functionality with style.

51sqm luxury garden entertainment room by Swift Unlimited

Uniquely shaped garden entertainment room

Swift Unlimited has carved a niche for themselves in crafting such home entertainment spaces. Having seen examples of their high-end projects, a Swindon family, aware of Swift Unlimited’s expertise in premium buildings, reached out to the team. Their vision was a multifunctional space that seamlessly merged with the garden.

Swift Unlimited bespoke garden annexe with Western Red Cedar cladding

Downsize to a bespoke garden annexe

Swift Unlimited’s clients were looking to downsize. They partnered with Swift Unlimited to craft a custom one-bedroom home in their daughter’s garden. The layout and amenities of the annexe were tailored to the clients’ needs, with the Swift team overseeing the entire project—from the initial design to the delivery of keys for the move-in-ready home.

The annexe leads out onto the family garden complete with bar

Garden Annexe: A practical alternative to care homes

A Wiltshire family found a unique solution for their parents’ dementia care needs – a garden living annexe designed by Swift Unlimited. This purpose-built, future-proofed dwelling provides independence for their parents and proximity for family support, striking the ideal balance. Serving as a cost-effective, comfortable alternative to traditional care homes.

Challenge Anneka

Swift Unlimited’s project management skills help “Challenge Anneka”

Leading bespoke garden annexe design company Swift Unlimited is making headlines as they participate in the charity television show “Challenge Anneka.”

Swift Unlimited are experienced at designing self contained living annexes

Planning Permission or The Caravan Act For my Annexe?

Thinking of building a living annexe in your garden for a relative? You will find two possible routes – Planning Permission or the Caravan Act. This very useful article highlights the differences between the two approaches.

Swift Unlimited 8m x 5m living annexe

Well-specified 8m x 5m one-bedroom living annexe

This 8m x 5m one bedroom living annexe by Swift Unlimited has a well-specified specification. The Swift team project managed the whole project for their clients from design conception through to handing over the keys to the move in ready home.

L-shape man cave by Swift Garden Rooms

Swift man cave slots into a tight space

Bespoke garden room designers excel when presented with an irregularly shaped plot or confined space to work with. This man cave building by Swift Garden Rooms showcases the skills of a bespoke design practice.

The L-shaped design has room for a pool table, bar, seating area with big TV and a cloakroom.

Once furnished, a Swift Living Annexe is a modern, comfortable home

Swift creates more than a living annexe; they create a home

Building a living annexe in your garden for a relative is not only a significant financial investment but also an investment in your loved one’s future comfort and lifestyle. The Swift Living Annexes team understand this.

This article explores a 9m x 5m one bedroom annexe that was tailor made for their clients.

Garden office and gym by Swift Garden Rooms

Garden office & gym with a mono-pitched roofline

This stylish two-roomed garden building by Swift Garden Rooms has been designed as a home office and gym space, but in a way, so it can evolve into other uses in the future. It features a mono-pitched roofline that offers increased headroom for users of the gym space.

Conceptual Swift Living Annexes design

Swift Living Annexes – Bringing families together

Swift Garden Rooms are all about life-changing spaces, and their range of Living Annexes give you that and more. Swift is the garden room company who strive to make a difference to people’s lives. They talk about building your dream, exceeding your expectations, and creating your lifestyle – your way. Without any doubt, the events […]

Multi-room garden room by Swift

A Swift garden room can be a future-proofed investment

The team at Swift will work with you to create a future-proofed garden room that can morph into a different use as the family’s needs evolve.

This four-room garden room is a great example. Intended as a home office and gym today, it could be used for other uses in the future.

Multifunction home gym and sitting room in the garden

Multifunction garden gym suite

The project by Swift showcases what versatile spaces garden rooms can be. A home gym and comfortable sitting room work perfectly together in the 6m x 5m building.

Multipurpose multi-room garden room by Swift

Swift Thinking Outside The Box!

A high-quality garden room is a major investment and at Swift, this is not taken lightly. You will be guided through the process every step of the way and encouraged to really think about how you can make the most of the space you have available.

L-shaped garden room by Swift

Luxurious L-shaped Life-Changing Space

If you like the idea of having a space, separate from the main house, where you can work, workout or play a quick game of table football with the kids, then you will love this multipurpose L-garden room, recently completed by Swift!

Luxurious garden family room by Swift

Buckinghamshire Beauty – Luxurious Space For All The Family

Bespoke 12m x 5m garden room by Swift that has created a luxurious space for all the family that includes a bar and hot tub.

Swift garden rooms with space for a hot tub

Garden rooms with space for a hot tub

Take a look at two bespoke garden room designs by Swift that have beed designed as an entertainment space with a covered area alongside that houses a hot tub.

Outdoor entertainment room by Swift

Outdoor entertainment room

6m x 3.5m bespoke garden room by Swift which is being used as an outdoor entertainment room with dining space for 14.

Professional cake making and decorating garden studio by Swift

Professional cake making & decorating studio in the garden

This wonderful project by Swift shows how a professional cake making & decorating kitchen can be set up in a garden studio.

Amazing contemporary snooker room in the garden by Swift Garden Rooms

A Dream Retirement

An amazing 9m x 5.5m contemporary snooker room designed to house a full size snooker table and a bar by Swift Garden Rooms.