Garden Spaces

This archive of articles looks at the work of Garden Spaces who design contemporary garden rooms built using highly insulated SIP’s. We first wrote about their work in 2009 and have enjoyed following their journey as one of the leading innovators in the market.

They offer three ranges of garden room, but these are just a starting point for a building that is tailored around your garden and intended use.

Garden Spaces offer one of the widest palettes of materials and design features we’ve seen, you can truly personalise the finishes of your Garden Space.

They offer a turnkey service and will work from you from design right through to the final decoration. If you choose to include a shower room or kitchen, they will handle the groundworks and connections for you, ensuring they are signed off by Building Control.

As well as creating all types of garden room building, they also design and build contemporary house extensions, self-contained garden annexes and school classrooms.

Garden Spaces soundproof music room interior

Garden music studio with acoustic porch

This 3.95m x 3.5m music studio by Garden Spaces allows their customer to play their saxaphone at 7am without disturbing the neighbours.

The acoustic specification has been designed around the customers requirements and includes an acoustic porch and double skinned window.

3m x 2.5m garden gym by Garden Spaces designed to slot into a small garden

Compact garden gym

This 3m x 2.5m project by Garden Spaces proves that you don’t need a big garden to build a garden gym. The well-specified building features a mix of glazing to ensure a naturally light space and low-maintenance exterior finishes offering long-term durability and aesthetic appeal.

The L-shaped garden gym slots in beside an existing garden office

Bespoke garden gym slots into a challenging plot

Faced with the challenge of an unconventional space around an existing garden office and three boundary walls, Garden Spaces crafted a bespoke L-shaped garden gym for their clients.

The specifications of the garden gym were carefully tailored to the equipment planned by the client. The foundation system incorporated a strategically positioned concrete slab to accommodate the weight equipment, and reinforcement panels were installed to secure wall-mounted equipment. Additionally, the gym was equipped with specialist rubber flooring to enhance safety and durability.

Garden Spaces design with glazing that opens up the corner of the building

Garden room with corner sliding door configuration

This project by Garden Spaces is a striking example of highly bespoke garden room design. The client’s vision, a room with glazed walls that could be entirely opened to seamlessly connect with the garden, required not only creative design but also advanced engineering skills.

Thanks to their extensive experience and expertise, Garden Spaces successfully brought this ambitious concept to life, crafting a space that perfectly blurs the line between the indoors and outdoors. The result is a remarkable garden room where the corner can be completely opened, fully integrating the room with the surrounding garden.

Garden Spaces office with concealed store room

Garden office with concealed storeroom

A bespoke garden office with a hidden storage room by Garden Spaces. You can choose the division of space for the two rooms. The office features a high-spec plastered and decorated interior, while the storeroom features a highly durable OSB finish.

The finished bespoke golf simulator and cinema room by Garden Spaces

Garden Spaces bring complex projects to life

Garden Spaces has built a strong reputation for embracing complex bespoke design projects that many garden room companies shy away from. Often, working within the confines of existing planning approval or irregular-shaped sites can be daunting, but for Garden Spaces, such projects are opportunities to showcase their expertise and creativity.

This golf simulator and cinema room project presented numerous challenges along the path to completion. With their expertise, Garden Spaces surmounted these obstacles while fully maintaining the client’s original vision.

Garden Spaces soundproof studio with acoustic porch

Bespoke garden acoustic studio

4.5m x 3.45m soundproof studio by Garden Spaces. The acoustic specification has been tailored to the customer’s requirements and includes an acoustic porch, a double-skinned, double-glazed window and acoustic enhancements to the core structure of the building.

Irregular shape garden room with store by Garden Spaces

Irregular shape garden room with store

If your boundary fences leave you with an irregular shaped plot, adding a square or rectangular garden could leave you with an inaccessible area of land and reduce the space you could have inside your room.

Garden Spaces designed and built this garden room with storage area to follow the lines of the garden, maximising the space for their clients.

3.6m x 3.8m with composite, vertical slatted cladding by Garden Spaces

Garden office with zero maintenance cladding

This bespoke 3.6m x 3.8m garden office showcases Garden Spaces’ new zero maintenance slatted cladding option. Two large picture windows have been positioned at desk height to offer a great connection with the garden as the owner works.

Garden Spaces garden office with Thermowood front wall stained ebony

Low-maintenance Garden Spaces office

Low-maintenance Garden Spaces office Published: 29 December 2022 A garden office building is a significant investment; you will want to ensure it will stand the test of time. To achieve this goal, you will want to work with a company that offers durable exterior finishes that offer a long, low-maintenance lifespan. Garden Spaces, one of […]

Ebony stained Thermowood cladding has been used on this soundproof music studio with secret store.

Acoustic garden studio with secret storage room

We have featured several of Garden Spaces’ acoustic studios, but this is the first one we have featured that incorporates a storage room. Combining two uses under one roof is an excellent use of space, and as we can see from these photos, Garden Spaces are skilled at making the two uses work as one streamlined building.

Garden office with a mix of Cedar and cement particle cladding

Garden office with a mix of Cedar and cement particle board cladding

There is a growing trend in garden room design to mix timber claddings like Western Red Cedar with cement particle board cladding. People often wonder what this fusion of natural and manufactured finishes looks like. Well, this garden office project by Garden Spaces showcases what a successful pairing the two finishes are.

Soundproof music room with acoustic porch

Acoustic garden room with porch

4.8m x 3m soundproof garden studio by Garden Spaces. The multi-layer acoustic specification is enhanced with an acoustic porch which offers in excess of 60dB when the doors are closed.

Garden gym and hobby room building by Garden Spaces

One garden room building designed for two uses

Adding a garden room building that serves more than one use is growing in popularity. This project by Garden Spaces is an excellent example of this approach. One well-designed garden building has been divided internally to create a home gym, a hobby room and a shower room.

Garden office with living roof by Garden Spaces-1

Garden Spaces with sedum roof covering

When buying a flat-roofed garden room, people often forget to consider the roof covering as a design choice; they see it as a purely functional element. The owners of these Garden Spaces garden rooms did consider how their building would look from above and added a living roof covering, which looks great and offers many benefits.

Foil insulation can be added to a Spaces Group building

Spaces Group: SEE (Super Energy Efficient) Upgrade Package

Spaces Group, home of Garden Spaces and Annexe Spaces, have created a new Super Energy Efficient specification that is an option on all of their buildings. This package can improve the overall performance of their buildings by up to 30%.

Inside a Garden Spaces garden gym

Garden gym specialists

Speak to any garden room company, and they will say that their buildings can be used as a home gym. The thing is, many of these companies have a one size fits all approach and don’t offer options to tailor the design and specification to the unique requirements of using it as a gym.

Unusually shaped garden gym to maximise the site by Garden Spaces

Unusually shaped garden gym to maximise the site

To maximise the space in an unusually shaped area of their clients garden, Garden Spaces designed this tapered home gym building. The resulting building is a wonderfully light airy space.

5 Star Garden Spaces

5-star Garden Spaces

Testament to the quality of their garden rooms and customer service, Garden Spaces customers have left a lot of 5-star reviews during 2021.

The completed Garden Spaces garden room

Garden Spaces overcome a complex site to build a stunning garden room

Excessive groundwater meant the site for this garden room needed extensive drainage works before the garden room could be installed. The Garden Spaces team handled this process as part of their ‘One Stop Shop’ service.

Garden gym with secret storage room by Garden Spaces

Garden gym with secret store room

6.3m x 4m multifunction garden room design by Garden Spaces which has created a home gym with secret storage room alongside.

Garden Spaces the One Stop Shop for garden rooms

Garden Spaces the ‘One Stop Shop’ for garden rooms

Garden Spaces describe themselves as a ‘One Stop Shop’ taking care of their customers’ needs ‘in house’ – be that water, waste, electrical connections. They also handle the Planning Permission application and Building Control approval if required.

Outdoor office with shed by Garden Spaces

Outdoor office with shed

Stylish outdoor office with shed by Garden Spaces. The office has a high-spec plastered and decorated interior while the shed has a durable OSB lining.

Classic Garden Spaces

Classic Garden Spaces

This contemporary garden room could be described as classic Garden Spaces. The sharp straight lines, Cedar cladding and a large expanse of floor to ceiling glazing are hallmarks of Garden Spaces design style.