Garden Fortress

This archive looks at the work of Garden Fortress who specialise in contemporary style garden room. Garden Fortress offers a number of standard designs, which can be tailored around your needs. They have particular skill creating garden rooms with hidden storage sheds.

Garden Fortress are based in the Epsom Downs and work in Surrey. and London as well as the surrounding counties of Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Hampshire and Berkshire.

Garden Fortress have a showroom in the Epsom Downs which you can book to view.

Office space and kitchenette in the Garden Fortress showroom

Garden Fortress showroom

If you are based in Surrey, London or the surrounding counties Garden Fortress’s showroom is worth a vista as part of your research.

It is a clever building that serves a hybrid of uses well. There is office space, gym space, leisure space and a kitchenette and shower room.

Garden studio with large composite deck by Garden Fortress

4m x 3m Garden studio with composite decking

4m x 3m Cedar garden studio with a large composite decking which seamlessly connects house and studio by Garden Fortress.

Garden room with kitchen and toilet

Garden room with kitchen & toilet

This garden room by Garden Fortress incorporates both a small kitchen and WC. A mix of claddings has been used on the exterior to great effect.

8m x 4m garden gym by Garden Fortress

Large garden gym with storage

At 8 meters wide and 4 meters deep this is a large garden gym building by Garden Fortress. Once you add in the space of the veranda that runs along the front of the building and the covered seating area at the side, the building sits on a footprint of 10m x 5m.

The inside of the workshop has been lined with OSB

Fully insulated garden workshop

If you are looking for a fully insulated workshop which will be a comfortable place to work all year round, you’ll want to talk to Garden Fortress. They have recently completed this 5m x 4m workshop with storage, in Wimbledon SW19.

The corner of glazing has been created with bi-fold doors and a fixed window

Garden office and showroom

Garden Fortress created this 4m wide by 5m deep building as a home office and showroom for a furniture designer. Based on their Classic Garden Studio Range, the customer was able to tailor the design and finishes to their own tastes.

The recessed front wall has been rendered

Soundproof studio with kitchen & shower room

This project by Garden Fortress is full of features. It includes a high-spec acoustic insulation package, secret storage shed, a small kitchen and shower room.

The Cedar cladding take centre stage on this garden room

Garden playroom & bike store

Garden Fortress are adept at designing garden rooms that have two uses under the one roof. This example in Balham is a playroom for the kids with secret bike store.

Open up your garden room with more than one set of doors

Garden room with two sets of doors

Incorporating more than one set of doors into a garden room can be a practical design choice, but can also create a free flowing, airy space.

Garden office with eco toilet installed

Garden office with room for an eco loo

If you want to incorporate a toilet into your garden room or office but don’t want the expense of the extensive groundworks to connect it, why not consider an eco toilet.

A garden office can have a secret storage area

4m x 4m garden office with storage

Garden Fortress have recently completed another garden office building with secret storage area. This build was in Kingston Upon Thames and sits on a 4m x 4m footprint.


Garden room with hidden storage shed

The team at Garden Fortress have become quite adept at designing garden rooms with hidden storage sheds. With this recent example, you’d never know there was a storage area within the building when looking at the building from the front.


Hide a storage shed behind your garden room

Most garden rooms with secret shed have the main room and shed area side by side. Another option, particularly if you have a long garden is to hide the shed behind the garden room.

Garden Office by Garden Fortress-2

3m x 3m garden room with veranda

3m x 3m garden rooms are a popular size. They don’t dominate a smaller garden, whilst creating a good sized internal space.

6m x 4m garden room by Garden Fortress-2

6m x 4m garden room by Garden Fortress

Garden Fortress have recently completed this substantial garden room in Surrey which is going to be used as a games room.

Garden Fortress

Garden Room With Concealed Storage by Garden Fortress

Garden Fortress have recently completed a 5m wide by 3m deep garden room that incorporates a concealed storage shed.

Music room with acoustic insulation by Garden Fortress

Music room with acoustic insulation

If you are planning a music room in your garden, you’ll want one that incorporates acoustic insulation, plasterboard etc

Garden Fortress Therapy Room 1

Therapy room in the garden

This Garden Fortress therapy room has its own entrance so the clients don’t need to go through the owners house or garden

Garden Fortress Esher 5

Let Garden Fortress Transform Your Garden

With their latest build in Esher, Surrey Garden Fortress not only built a garden room but transformed the garden around it.


Garden Office Pod

Garden Fortress have recently completed this garden office pod. At 2.4 meters x 2,4 meters its a compact space but ideal as a one person home office space.


Garden Pod

Garden Fortress have recently built this garden pod which has slot tightly into the garden.

Garden room built tight the boundaries

By following the rules of Permitted Development you can maximise the size of a garden room by building tight to the boundary as Garden Fortress did with this build.

Garden room tapered to the site

This garden room by Garden Fortress shows how working with a bespoke garden room designer means you can over come site obstacles

A large garden room in a small garden

Buyers fear that a large garden room will dominate a small garden, but with clever positioning and design this needn’t be the case, as this recent build by Garden Fortress shows.