A Room in the Garden

This archive looks at the articles we have written about Brighton based A Room In The Garden.

A Room In The Garden offers a bespoke design service. For us, they stand out in the market for their clean contemporary design style and the palette of innovative materials and finishes they offer.

Alongside their bespoke design work, A Room In The Garden also offers a range of pre-designed garden rooms which are competitively priced.

The A Room In The Garden team also designs self-contained living annexes and mobile homes.

Contemporary mobile homes by A Room in the Garden

The company that redefined the meaning of mobile home

A Room in the Garden is leading the way in creating contemporary, mobile home garden annexes. In this article, they explain the benefits of this type of building and share examples of different size garden homes they have created.

Designed by us and built by us example

Have your garden room designed by an architect

Working with a garden room architect rather than a residential architect has many benefits as they understand the nuances of garden room construction.

Example of a bespoke A Room in the Garden design

How to create the perfect garden room?

We have been chatting with Ivana & Lukas from A Room in the Garden about how they approach creating the perfect garden room for their clients, whether that be a garden office, home gym or a self-contained living annexe.

Exterior lighting on a room in the garden annexe

Contemporary two bedroom, two bathroom garden annexe

This garden annexe by a room in the garden is one of the most impressive, stylish garden homes we have seen, and we have explored a lot of them!

The accommodation comprises two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dressing room, a well-equipped kitchen, and a spacious open plan living space.

Bespoke garden office with outdoor seating area by A Room In The Garden

Bespoke garden office with outdoor seating area

This fantastic garden office with an outdoor seating area was commissioned by an international lawyer who wanted to bring his intense workload closer to the tranquillity of their beautiful garden.

Garden room designed on a fixed budget by A Room in the Garden

Garden office designed on a budget

Don’t be afraid to approach garden room companies with a set budget for your project. No reputable company will encourage you to spend more than you are comfortable with. Having a set budget for a project can breed creativity in a garden room designer.

High end garden office with corner bi-fold doors

Garden office with corner bi-folds

A 9.3m x 4.6m high-end garden office / family room with a corner of bi-fold doors creating a great connection with the garden by A Room In The Garden.

A Room in the Garden

A Room in the Garden

We’ve been exploring the work of Brighton based garden room designers A Room in the Garden. They will tailor a design to your specific needs.