Sanctum Garden Studios

This archive of articles looks at the work of Sanctum Garden Studios  who we first wrote about in March 2010.

Sanctum Garden Studios offer a bespoke design service for garden rooms from their Cedar clad Contemporary Range.

They also offer a two standard design ranges called the Hampton and the QuadPod which mix popular design features with an attractive price point.

Contemporary Overhang range by Sanctum Garden Studios

Garden studio ranges with the foundation included in the price

When comparing your garden studio options, you need to keep in mind that not all companies include the foundation system in the price they quote on their website.

Sanctum Garden Studios take a different approach with their three ranges; the prices quoted include VAT, the foundation and installation. So, you know where you are from the start.

Timelapse of a Hampton Garden Studio build

Garden office built in five hours

The Hampton by Sanctum Garden Studios can be built in as little of five hours. This time-lapse shows what an efficient process it is and how the Sanctum team keep a tidy site as they work.

Hampton Grey with Cedar Panels by Sanctum Garden Studios

Work From Home Office for less than £8K!

If you have started to explore your garden office options, you will have seen that there are some eye-wateringly expensive ranges! There are also some great, well-specified options costing less than £11,000.

Example of Sanctum Garden Studios Contemporary Cubed range

Three ranges of affordable garden rooms that don’t lack features

Sanctum Garden Studios have three ranges of garden room to choose from, each room is affordably priced yet they don’t lack popular design features.

Garden Bar by Sanctum Garden Studios

Hampton Studio garden bar

This cool garden bar has been created in a 3m x 2.4m Hampton Grey Studio by Sanctum Garden Studios. A great place to spend time with family & friends.

Example of the QuadPod Studio by Sanctum Garden Studios

QuadPod by Sanctum Garden Studios

The QuadPod by Sanctum Garden Studios is an excellent option if you are looking for a small garden room. There is a lot to like about the QuadPod – it is available in four versatile sizes and is competitively priced.

Small garden office by Sanctum Garden Studios

Small garden office

At 2.4m x 1.8m (8ft x 6ft) the QuadPod Micro by Sanctum Garden Studios is one of the smallest Cedar clad garden offices on the market.

Garden studio with 2m deep veranda by Sanctum Garden Studios

Garden studio with deep covered veranda

Looking for a garden studio that has a veranda actually big enough to sit on comfortably? You’ll want to check out the Aspire by Sanctum Garden Studios.

Hampton by Sanctum Garden Studios

Hampton studios can be built close to a boundary

The Hampton studio by Sanctum Garden Studios has been designed so that it can be sited tight to a boundary fence or wall.

Buy with confidence from Sanctum Garden Studios

Buy with confidence from Sanctum Garden Studios

Sanctum Garden Studios have been vetted by Trading Standards to become members of their Buy With Confidence scheme.

3.6m x 2.4m QuadPod Office

3.6m x 2.4m QuadPod Office

This 3.6m x 2.4m QuadPod Office by Sanctum Garden Studios makes a great home office with lots of popular features such as a desk height window, Cedar cladding and exterior lighting.

Drum room as seen on Love Your Garden

Love Your Garden Drum Room

Quad Pod Cedar clad drum room as seen on Alan Titchmash’s Love Your Garden.

Garden gym with secret bike store

Garden gym with bike workshop

Custom home gym building with secret storage for bikes and a seperate bike workshop by Sanctum Garden Studios.

Contemporary range Sanctum Garden Studios can be built in 2 days.

New room in 2 days

You could add a new room to your house in just two days! That is how long it takes Sanctum Garden Studios to install one of their flagship Contemporary Range garden studios to its standard specification.

Garden studio with cedar veranda

Garden studio with Cedar veranda

The addition of a veranda along the front of a garden studio can really enhance the connection between inside and outside spaces. Sanctum Garden Studios have finished this example in Cedar

Cedar garden studio with secret shed

Garden studio with shed

This 5.4m x 3m Cedar clad studio has been divided into two creating a studio space and a discreet storage room.

Cedar garden pod by Sanctum Garden Studios

Cedar garden pod

Contemporary style Cedar garden pod by Sanctum Garden Studios. We love the simplicity of the 3m x 2.4m building.

Contemporary Range by Sanctum Garden Studios

Sanctum Garden Studios examples

Examples of the two ranges of garden room built by Sanctum Garden Studios. The small Hampton Range and the Cedar clad Contemporary Range.

2.4m x 2.4m garden office by Sanctum Garden Studios

Opting for a cheaper garden office doesn’t always pay off

Many people are looking for the cheapest garden office they can find, but it doesn’t always pay off. You end up having to compromise on the service and reliability of the supplier.

Two roomed garden studio

Two room artists studio revisited

We first explored this 7.2m x 3.5m artists studio divided into two rooms earlier in the year. The area around the studios has now been landscaped creating a connection between the garden and studio.

Garden studio with swing & slide doors-FI

Garden studio with slide & swing doors

Sanctum Garden Studios have added a new door style to their range of options: slide and swing doors. They are a cross between sliding doors and bi-fold doors, and are a great alternative, particularly on small garden studios.

Sanctum Garden Studio being used as a temporary site office

Temporary site office

Building a house or undertaking a large renovation project, you’re going to need a site office. Some garden office designs lend themselves to being temporary site offices and are a great alternative to a Portakabin. Being fully insulated and pre-wired, they offer a warm, secure workspace.

Bi-fold doors fold back to open up the front wall of the man cave

Contemporary man cave building

Buying a garden room does not have to be a hurried process. There can be a lot of benefits to taking your time. This is what Alan did when buying his man cave building. Taking time to hone the design, so that it was big enough to incorporate a pool table & bar and maximised views of the garden.

Cedar clad garden room attached to French house

Bespoke garden room in France

Sanctum Garden Studios have gone international! They recently travelled to a village near Le Mans, France to install a bespoke contemporary garden room. This is an interesting project, not quite a standalone garden room building, but not a traditional garden room extension either. It’s a hybrid of the two.