Booths Garden Studios

This archive of articles looks at the work of Booths Garden Studios. Booths are one of the UK’s biggest garden room manufacturers. They install their garden rooms all over the UK.

They have developed a modular system that allows them to create garden rooms of all sizes from compact designs to larger self-contained buildings that can be lived in.

Booths Garden Studios are designed to be maintenance-free and come with a 25-year guarantee.

The Booths Garden Studios team have made lots of short videos showcasing different features of their buildings, they are well worth exploring.

12ft x 8ft garden office

12ft x 8ft garden office

12ft x 8ft is a great size for a garden office. One person can work with space to spare for a comfortable chair and office storage. Alternatively, two desks can be fitted in comfortably.

Tiny garden office by Booths Garden Studios

The tiniest of tiny garden offices

At 6ft x 3ft / 1.8m x 0.9m this is the smallest garden office we have ever seen. Its full height glazing makes the space seem bigger and fames wonderful views of London.

A twist on an L-shaped garden room by Booths Garden Studios

A twist on an L-shaped garden room

A twist on an L-shaped garden room by Booths Garden Studios. The two buildings have whole walls of floor to ceiling glazing create a wonderfully light interior.

12x8 garden office by Booths Garden Studios

12 x 8 low maintenance garden offices

If you want a good-sized garden office that will not dominate your garden, then 12ft x 8ft (3.6m x 2.4m) could be a good option. You can purchase from Booths outright or rent an office if you need more flexibility.

Spread the cost by renting a garden office

Spread the cost by renting a garden office

Renting a garden office is a realistic alternative to taking out an expensive finance contract. You can rent an office from £30 per week from Booths Garden Studios.

Tweaks to the Booths Garden Studios annexe

QCB garden annexe specification tweaks

Booths Garden Studios have made some small tweaks to the specification of their popular QCB garden annexe, enhancing the usability.

Main living space in a L-shaped Booths Garden Studios annexe

One bedroom L-shaped annexe

This one-bedroom L-shaped garden annexe by Booths Garden Studios allows a daughter to live close to her elderly parents, yet maintain everyones privacy and independence.

A Booths Garden Studios granny annexe needn't dominate a garden

A granny annexe needn’t dominate the garden

Booths Garden Studios L-shaped granny annexes don’t dominate the garden. They can be installed in a week and have an attractive £50,000 all in price tag.

Ten years showcasing Booths Garden Studios

Ten years showcasing Booths Garden Studios

Booths Garden Studios were the first company we featured back in 2009. It has been interesting watching their journey, developing their range over the last decade.

Explore the QCB2 by Booths Garden Studios

Booths QCB2 garden room features

Explore some of the key features of the QCB2 by Booths Garden Studios. The QCB2 is a popular garden room range that mixes features with a great price point.

Planning friendly granny annexe

Granny annexe that doesn’t require planning permission

Booths Garden Studios have developed a range of granny annexe buildings which don’t require full planning permission. They have been designed to comply with the Caravan Act.

QCB garden room with flyover roof

Extend your garden room with a flyover roof

Booths Garden Studios now offer a flyover roof on their QCB range. The canopy can really enhance the inside-outside feeling of your building.

Main living room in an L-shaped granny annexe

L-shaped granny annexe

Spacious L-shaped granny annexe by Booths Garden Studios. Complete with kitchen, shower room and double bedroom. Built under the Caravan Act it costs around £40,000 plus groundworks.

Example of a 12ft x 8ft fully insulated, electrically wired garden office that you can rent

Short term garden office solution

If you have a short team need for a garden office, there is the option to rent one. With a modest installation and delivery fee, you then pay a weekly rent. When you no longer need the office you return it to Booths Garden Studios.

Granny annexe intslled in two days

Granny annexe installed in two days

Booths Garden Studios have developed an exciting new granny annexe that can be built without planning permission. The Booths team aim to install the building and undertake the necessary groundworks in just two days. As the QCB is a temporary building, it can be removed from your garden in just a day.

Video tour of a Booths granny annexe

Granny annexe tour by Booths Garden Studios

Booths Garden Studios build modern, self-contained granny annexe buildings. They have created a series of videos showing you different aspects of their annexes, such as the kitchen & shower room.

This building stores hundreds of books

Garden library and office building

Booths Garden Studios recently built a large garden room for a client who was looking to create a library for their extensive collection of books and a home office.

Garden studio is a key part of this garden design

Booths Garden Studio a key part of a landscaped garden

As its Chelsea Flower Show week, it seems appropriate to showcase this Booths Garden Studio that has become a key aspect of a landscaped garden.

A building regulation compliant garden room can double up as an extra bedroom

Creating an extra bedroom in the garden

If you choose a garden room specification that is Building Regulation compliant (not all designs are) you can use the room as an extra bedroom.

Compact granny annexe can fit in the smallest garden-3

A compact granny annexe can fit in the smallest garden

This 18 ft x 12ft granny annexe by Booths Garden Studios shows how with some thought and clever design a fully functional home can be created in the smallest of gardens.

Kitchen in a garden room

Kitchen & toilet in a garden room

Its becoming increasingly popular to include a kitchen or toilet into a garden room design. Booths Garden Studios showcase examples of their toilet & kitchen options.

Garden Room Colour Choices

Garden room colour choices

Booths Garden Studios QC range is now available in 20 different colours allowing you to tailor your building to your tastes.

Dad Pad by Booths Garden Studios-7

Dad pad by Booths Garden Studios

Booths Garden Studios have recently completed a Dad Pad, the owners affectionate name for their granny annexe building.

Booths Garden Studios QC7 1

L-shaped garden room

Booths Garden Studios have recently completed this L-shaped garden room building. The modular building system that Booths use makes it easy for them to create different shaped buildings like this one.