Modulr.Space is an exciting new range of garden offices. They stand out from the crowd because of their striking appearance, and because they have been designed to meet Health & Safety in the workplace requirements. They utilise eco-friendly materials which combined create a comfortable place to work all year round. Plus, they are available with short lead and build times, and are tax-efficient for businesses.

Alongside their small office pod designs, Modulr.Space also offer ranges of larger garden rooms, including an exciting two room option – the ideal multifunctional garden space.

Two room garden room by Modulr Space

Multi-room garden rooms

Is one new room enough for your needs? Maybe you need a home office but would like your own gym or music room too. Well, Modulr Space have a solution.

Inside a Modulr Space garden gym

Guide to buying a garden gym

There is a lot to think about when buying a garden room, particularly when buying one to be used as a gym. The architects at Modulr Space share some valuable insights in this guide to buying a garden gym

Modulr Space garden offices


Modulr.Space have created a great office space for home workers that can be installed in one day and is tax efficient for businesses.

Modulr.Space also offer larger garden rooms that can be used for all manner of uses.