eDEN Garden Rooms

This archive of articles looks at the work of bespoke design specialists eDEN Garden Rooms. We first featured eDEN Garden Rooms work in 2011, and from the get-go, they were challenging the boundaries of garden room design. They have distilled this spirit and their years of experience into the design of their eDEN Classic, eDEN eDGE and eDEN Hub ranges.

eDEN Garden Rooms offer a turnkey service, meaning they work with you on every element from initial design to internal decoration.

In April 2020, in response to the demand for high-spec small garden offices, the eDEN team launched their eDEN Hub range which can be installed in three days.

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eDEN Garden Rooms focus their work on London and the South East of England.


eDEN Hub small garden office

Make a move to garden office working with eDEN

Find yourself working from home? eDEN Garden Rooms are experts in creating successful garden offices – small or large.

5m x 3m Garden Office by eDEN Garden Rooms

5m x 3m Garden Office

5m x 3m is a popular size if you are looking for a spacious garden office that has room for a good-sized desk, a good amount of storage and a place to sit and think. This eDEN Garden Rooms design is a great example!

Large garden family room by eDEN Garden Rooms

Multifunction family garden room

A large garden room with secret storage that is used by all the family. It has created a home cinema, teenagers den and homeschooling room.

eDEN Hub Garden Office

eDEN Hub Garden Office

eDEN Garden Rooms have launched an exciting new small garden office design called the eDEN Hub. Higher spec than many of the small garden offices designs currently on the market; it has a competitive price point of £9,999 including installation, and can be installed and ready to use in three days.

Cedar garden office with matching mini shed

Garden office with matching mini shed

eDEN Garden Rooms replaced an old garage with a modern garden office with a hidden storage area. They also built a matching Cedar mini shed for their client.

Cedar weaving room by eDEN Garden Rooms

Cedar hobby room

4m x 3m Cedar hobby room that is designed for comfortable year-round use. eDEN Garden Rooms designed the light-filled studio to house a weaving loom.

eDEN Garden Room with wildflower roof covering

Garden office with wildflower roof

Garden office and workshop by eDEN Garden Rooms which features a wildflower roof covering so that it looks good when viewed from above.

Large man cave by eDEN Garden Rooms

Large man cave building

eDEN Garden Rooms designed and built this 7m x 4.8m man cave building. Designed around a pool table, the building features a w.c. to save trips back to the main house.

Multifunction garden room building

Garden office and occasional bedroom

This project by eDEN Garden Rooms is a real multifunction building. The 6.3m x 3.1m building was commissioned to serve multiple uses. In the main, it will be used as a home office, but needed to morph into an occasional bedroom too.

7.3m x 4.3m bespoke garden yoga studio

Ditch the Town Hall for a garden yoga studio

Stop paying rent on drafty town and village halls for your yoga classes. Upgrade to a highly insulated yoga studio in your garden.

Garden office designed for a pilot training business

Garden office tailored around a business’s needs

eDEN Garden Rooms are able to tailor their designs around the unique needs of a business. This 7m x 3m garden office was designed around the needs of a pilot training business.

Garden office sitting on the site of a bomb shelter

From bomb shelter to garden office

Where once stood a WWII bomb shelter, a fully insulated garden office with secret storage room, by eDEN Garden Rooms now sits. The bomb shelter was only discovered once work on-site started, but the eDEN team project managed a swift solution so work could continue.

Plan for a the narrow garden office with shed

Narrow garden office with shed

eDEN Garden Rooms created this narrow garden office with storage shed which at its deepest is just 2.5m.

A garden office building that has been future proofed with a shower room

Your trusty contractors can help build your garden room

Do you have a trusty plumber or ground worker that you would like to work on your garden room build? Well, no problem, the eDEN Garden Rooms team are happy to work alongside them. If on the other hand, you’d like to work with just one company from start to finish eDEN can handle this for you.

Two sets of bifold doors on an eDEN Garden Room

Garden gym with two sets of bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors are a popular option in garden room design as they fold back to open up a large section of wall. If your budget allows, using two sets of bi-folds can open up a whole corner of the building. Creating a great inside-outside connection.

Garden room with secret shed

Timeline of a garden room project

Buying a garden room, even a bespoke design tailored to your needs, is a well-oiled process. eDEN Garden Rooms share with us the timeline for a bespoke garden room with shed project.

Opting for a slightly bigger garden room pays off-FI

Opting for a slightly bigger garden room pays off

If we were asked what our top five tips for buying a garden room were. One of the entries would be, to buy a garden room slightly bigger than you think you need. This will give you room to grow and offer a flexibility of use in the future.

A garden room designed to capture views of the garden

Room to spend time in the garden all year round

This bespoke design by eDEN Garden Rooms has been designed to appreciate the garden it sits within. The main room has a striking front elevation angled like the tip of an arrow. The building also features an eco-toilet and spacious storage shed.

The triangular room focuses the view back into the garden

Triangular home office and Pilates studio

This triangular garden room has been designed as a home office and Pilates studio. It takes skill and expertise to build a room this shape, but the eDEN Garden Rooms team relished the challenge!

A footpath has been left on each side of the garden room

Family room slots into terraced garden

eDEN Garden Rooms designed and built this family room to maximise the space at the end of a terraced garden. The building is a modest 4m x 2.5m but packs a lot into the compact space. Not only has a room that all the family can use, been created but also a discreet storage shed.

The garden office has been positioned down the side of the house

L-shaped office fits along the side of the house

Bespoke design came into own on this garden office project. eDEN Garden Rooms was commissioned to design a building along the side of their client’s house. eDEN’s client wanted to utilise the space to the side of their house to create a home office, and a storage shed.

Garden family room with shower room

Family TV room in the garden

Garden rooms are becoming popular with families who are looking to create a new space that all the family can use both together and individually. This example by eDEN Garden Rooms is a bespoke design that has been designed around the families desire to create a multi-function space that can be used as a TV room, games room and guest room.

Cedar clad ballet studio with bi-fold doors

Ballet studio in the garden

eDEN Garden Rooms recently completed this contemporary ballet studio. During her research, eDEN’s found that a bespoke design worked out cheaper than choosing a more standard design with lots of extras.

Cedar clad teenage garden room with eco-toilet

Teenage garden rooms

This recent project by eDEN Garden Rooms in Teddington is a great example of a teenage garden room. Many families are looking at the space in their garden to create a room for their teenage children to hang out with a degree of privacy, but still be close to home.