Cosy Garden Rooms

Cosy Garden Rooms is a dedicated team with extensive experience in the garden room industry, specialising in custom designs tailored to each client’s specific needs. From the initial design to the final handover of a fully functional room, they handle every step, including foundation installation and electrical connections, allowing you to watch your new space develop without hassle.

Their bespoke design service ensures that the size, layout, and finishes of your garden gym are exactly as you want them. The design journey starts with a detailed consultation with Mark, an experienced garden room designer, who takes the time to understand your vision, how you intend to use the space, and any special features you want to include.

5.5m x 3m Cosy Garden Room designed to maximise the view

A Garden Room: An Alternative to a House Extension

If you are considering adding an extra room to your house, your initial thought might be to construct a house extension. However, this process can be time-consuming and disruptive, requiring coordination with multiple companies. In contrast, standalone insulated garden rooms have emerged as a viable alternative, offering a quicker solution where you work with a single company managing the entire process. Additionally, building a garden room typically results in significant cost savings compared to adding a house extension.

Cosy Garden Rooms recently provided a comfortable sitting room for clients who required additional space. This solution was particularly ideal when the option of building a house extension proved too costly and complex.

5m x 3.5m Cosy Garden Room with bathroom

Cosy Garden Room with Bathroom

This 5m x 3.5m garden room by Cosy Garden Rooms has been designed as a multipurpose space. Complete with a bathroom it serves as a home office, family sitting room and occasional bedroom.

Photography studio by Cosy Garden Rooms

3m tall garden photography studio

A 7m x 4m garden photography studio by Cosy Garden Rooms. Designed to accommodate the unique requirements of the business, a professional yet comfortable workspace has been created.

L-shaped office and gym with covered seating area by Cosy Garden Rooms

L-shaped office/gym building with a covered seating area

Cosy Garden Rooms tailors each building to the unique needs of the customer. A prime example is this garden office and gym building that seamlessly integrates a sheltered outdoor seating area.

Example of Cosy Garden Rooms work

Cosy Garden Rooms

Based in the Midlands, Cosy Garden Rooms designs and builds insulated outdoor rooms for clients across the country. Where many competitors customise their standard designs, the Cosy Garden Rooms team believes in a personalised touch. Each room they build is custom-made, and designed around the requirements of the client and the unique characteristics of their garden.