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Guest post by 3rdSpace

We’ve known for some time now that working from home can boost both productivity and well-being. And so it seems, also creativity.

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Modular garden room creators, 3rdSpace, report it’s no coincidence that they have had great success in providing studios for creative individuals and companies. Paul Grindley from 3rdSpace tells us ‘we have made spaces for a multitude of crafts and disciplines, including a furniture maker, architect, literary professor, typeface designer & most recently for a brilliant graphic design duo’. Based on the variety of positive feedback received, the key characteristics that help and inspire people to work creatively are both the quality of interior space and visual connection with nature. Practical attributes also play a large part, such as robustness – a forgiving space that can withstand daily use, all year round.

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For the case of home-working, a recent study by the Association For Psychological Science*, confirms that the benefits of being located away from a typical office environment include increased job satisfaction, increased performance and lower work stress and exhaustion. The removal of a daily commute also contributes to greatly lowering worker’s carbon footprint and overall emissions – which is very good news!

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The study claims that a better home/work balance can be achieved, but much of the success is down to the discipline of the individual. Boundaries that are too blurred between home life and work can have a detrimental effect, particularly so when confined only to the home environment. The increasingly popular solution for this is in creating a separated space away from the house, allowing for the best of both worlds; a balanced home life & dedicated time to be productive.

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3rdSpace are making it easier to make your own creative haven this month, offing free made-to-measure blinds and half-price flooring for any orders placed in the month of October. To get in touch, contact Paul from 3rdSpace at [email protected] or visit the website


*Commentary on How Effective Is

Telecommuting? Assessing the

Status of Our Scientific Findings

Kenneth Matos and Ellen Galinsky

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