Granny annexe examples in the Daily Mail

We spotted an interesting look at two ladies experience of living in a custom built granny annexe in their families garden, on the Daily Mail Online. You may find it interesting if you are thinking of building a home in your garden for a relative.

The article explores why each family decided to create a self-contained home in the garden as opposed to other options, and looks at the costs involved.

One of the buildings is an example of the Arca range by Garden Hideouts. The Garden Hideouts team, working with their clients have created a one bedroom home with kitchen, living room and shower room for around £67,000.

This photo is an example of the Arca range by Garden Hideouts from our archive, to learn more about your options talk to the Garden Hideouts team on 0800 1777 933 or take a look at their website.

An example of the Area by Garden Hideouts

The second self-contained living annexe in the article is by the team at Homelodge.

Read the article on the Daily Mail website. 

Explore more self-contained granny annexe designs here.


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