Garden Room Weather Testing


We wrote a few weeks ago about the unique new garden room range by MOD105, we’ve been following their progress as they develop the range, and they have recently been doing some extreme weather testing.

The MOD105 range is built on an aluminum framework with a mix of solid panels, glazing and doors, and MOD105 have been testing the durability of the joinery by submerging it in a bath of water for three weeks, and then as if they planned it letting it snow on top of it! MOD105 report that after this testing the material is still intact, hasn’t swollen and is still perfectly usable –  this bodes very well for the longevity of the building.

Mod105 garden room

The first buildings in the MOD105 range where single skin, but MOD105 have now added a insulated garden room, which is pre wired electrically, and amazingly can still be put together using just one tool!

Mod105 Interior

MOD105 are continuously honing the range and the design possibilities seem endless, we watch with intrigue how the range develops.

For more information visit the MOD105 website.


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