You can tell Ecospace studios are designed by architects, the lines are crisp, the proportions perfect and the materials are high spec. surprisingly this high level of design is reasonably priced, with Ecospace studios starting at just £10,000 plus VAT and delivery.

As the name suggests Ecospace studios are designed with the environment in mind. Studios are built using Structural Insulated Panels (SIP’s) which sit on adjustable steel shoes which means as long as the site is fairly level, no foundation is required. This type of building method means an Ecospace studio can be installed in a matter of days and uses less embodied energy than other types of construction. The highly insulated shell coupled with Scandinavian double glazed doors, windows, and under floor heating means an Ecospace studio is warm even on the coldest of days. The materials chosen such as cedar cladding which is from renewable certified sources requires virtually no maintenance. In addition to these standard eco features Ecospace studios offer a range of renewable energy options such as solar panels, wind turbines and log burning stoves.

Ecospace offer three different price ranges, £10k to £15k will buy you the new Ecospace WorkPod. The WorkPod is available in two sizes, the smaller model being 2.5 x 1.9m, whilst the WorkPod Plus is 3.1 x 2.5m. Built using highly insulated SIP’s the WorkPod is clad in larch which is an extremely durable cladding, the windows are double glazed and the WorkPod comes with energy efficient lighting and under floor heating as standard. The WorkPod has a service wall incorporating electrical sockets, data and telephone points meaning it’s ready for work as soon as it’s installed. Designed for one person to work comfortably Ecospace can supply integral work stations and storage systems. Fully installed, prices start at £10,000 for the WorkPod and £14,000 plus VAT and delivery for the WorkPod Plus.

If you are looking for a bigger garden studio, the original Ecospace studio should fit the bill. The customer can choose whether to have a flat roofed or mono pitch garden studio, and can choose the configuration of the floor to ceiling Scandinavian, double glazed doors and windows, the modular building system means an Ecospace studio can be tailored to your needs. A 4 x 3.8m standard Ecospace studio costs £18,950 plus VAT and delivery, whilst £27,950 plus VAT delivery will buy you a 7.6 x 3.8m Ecospace studio.

Budgets over £30k will buy you a bespoke Ecospace studio which can include mezzanine floors, shower, wc and kitchen areas, Ecospace are specialists in designing live/work spaces.

In most cases Ecospace studios don’t require planning permission, but because the garden studios are designed by architects Ecospace can handle this process for you.

So if you are looking for a well designed, environmentally friendly garden studio, visit the Ecospace website.

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