A new way to visualise a garden room before your buy

There are lots of tricks garden room designers use to help you visualise what a garden room will look like in your garden before you buy. We have our own tool that lets you quickly visualise a garden, simply by uploading a photo of your garden – try it out here.

Many garden room designers make use of 3d models that they design on their computer, some then superimpose the model they create into a photo of your garden – these give you a very clear idea of what the building will look like.

In the past we have built scale models for customers using balsa wood, but there is a new way of doing this – 3d printing!

Modular105 are a garden room supplier who have embraced the idea of 3d printing as a way of showing garden room buyers just what their garden room will look like albeit in a scaled down version.

Modular105 having been sharing a recent 3d garden room model with us on Twitter:

This is a great addition to the garden room sales process as not everyone can visualise what a finished building will look like from a 2d set of plans. As everything is to scale you can really visualise how much space you will have for furniture etc.

For more information about Modular105 innovative designs take a look at their website or give them a call on 01892 514 781

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