5 Minutes With Room4-you

In the latest in our series of 5 Minutes With… interviews we ask Room4-you questions about their garden rooms:

What makes your company / garden rooms unique?

As a professional construction company we design and build houses to ever more stringent building regulations. We employ a full time architect, who not only designs our houses, but uses all her skills and knowledge to create our stunning garden rooms. All components we use in the design and construction are independently performance tested by a structural engineer. We conform to current TRADA guidelines and use building regulations as our guide for construction. Our in-house knowledge is vast and we pass this experience on to all our clients.

What feature of your garden rooms are you most proud of?

We are extremely proud of our substantial steel foundation system which can be adapted to suit most circumstances and is considerably more sustainable than a full concrete raft. Whilst this method is perhaps over engineered for a standard garden room, our garden rooms are of such exceptional quality they deserve the best foundation system. We firmly believe that if a client is spending a lot of money on a garden room it should be designed to last a lifetime. Our attention to detail is second to none and we always listen to and act upon client wishes.

When designing your garden rooms, which is more important form or function?

Form follows function is an overused phrase often used by pretentious people who have watched too many design programmes on the TV 🙂 We believe that equal importance should be attached to the style and intended use of any building. Design is very personal and most importantly we listen to our customers and produce designs based on their desires. Even if the final design is not to everyone’s taste it is always functional and built to the highest standards.

What scope do you have for incorporating the customers design ideas into your garden rooms?

The best ideas often come from customers. Our architect designs all our buildings in a collaborative manner taking consideration of any requests and every customer can use our full bespoke service to create unique, individual designs. Our standard modular panels can be arranged very quickly to alter the layout and style of the building. Some ideas are simply not possible without the relevant permission from either building control or planning department of the local authority. Our experience allows us to discuss this with each client and reach a mutual compromise.

Many customers are concerned about planning permission, how can you help customers with this issue?

We discuss all options with our customers and can advise on what is and is not likely to be accepted by the planning authorities, dependent on site specific details. We produce fully bespoke designs ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations. Our architect has full knowledge of all the rules for permitted development and if there is any doubt we will discuss it directly with the relevant planning department. If planning is needed we handle this through our architect. Of equal importance is compliance with building regulations. We often find clients want to put their new garden room as close to their boundary as possible without understanding that anything with a floor plan greater than 15sqm will require building regulations if closer than 1m to a boundary.

Not every site is level, what options do you have for building your garden rooms on uneven ground?

Our innovative structural steel foundation system can cope with most slopes. Even extreme slopes such as a 1.5m drop over a 3m distance can be accommodated with only slight modification. We can arrange for a structural engineer to visit site and design a bespoke foundation system in line with building regulations if needed.

Some customers are concerned about the ongoing maintenance of a garden room, what annual maintenance do your garden rooms require?

Maintenance is extremely simple and could easily be described as zero. The truth is that if a building has proper guttering this must be kept clear of debris such as leaves and moss. This is the only maintenance required on our buildings. We use clear grade western red cedar or Thermowood for the cladding, both of which have a life span in excess of 30 years without any maintenance.

What aftercare do you offer your customers?

We pride ourselves on the level of service we offer and continually request feedback from all our clients. As a family business of 20 years standing we understand the importance of ensuring every client is happy and only ask for final payment once a satisfaction form is signed by our customer. Our 10 year guarantee covers all structural issues and we offer a comprehensive nationwide network of trades people who will resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Describe your company in three words!

Innovative, supportive, unique

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