Why Garden Offices Are Perfect For Small Businesses

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For anyone considering starting a small business, there are a number of things which need to be considered. One of the first areas which should be addressed is the premises. New businesses are unlikely to be able to afford office rental on-top of their other start-up fees, but what alternatives are there?

One of the most popular alternatives is the construction and use of a garden office. This is an extra building or structure which is erected at the bottom of your existing home or premises. This means that you are able to have a separate office space which will not cost you recurrent rental charges. It will also offer you increased accessibility whilst helping to create a division between your home and work life.

Garden Offices

Garden offices, or garden rooms, are fully insulated, double glazed and will have a reliable energy supply. They are typically constructed from wood but brick versions are also available. The position of a garden office is one of the integral decisions individuals must make before having the structure erected. Two main options exist over positioning: placing it alongside the existing house structure (like a conservatory) or making it a separate unit (typically placed at the bottom of the garden). This is one of the key decisions involved in the whole process so think carefully before committing to anything.

Planning permission is not always required when constructing a garden office, meaning that individuals can get the extra space they want without going through lengthy processes. Alongside this, garden offices can offer homeowners and small business owners numerous benefits. The first of these is the convenience and versatility of the structure. Not only can it vary in size, shape and positioning but it can also be customised to the specific needs of your business.

Also, garden offices can be easily converted to other structures, such as games rooms or studios. This means that your garden office will not be left unused once you move to bigger premises, following the growth and expansion of your business.


As with all structures and buildings, it is vital that you obtain sufficient home insurance cover for a garden office. As these buildings will often be subject to the same security measures as homes, and housed on the same piece of land, they will often be covered by existing insurance policies. This means that individuals considering starting their own business can lower some of the initial costs whilst still ensuring they get their business off to a good start.

Garden offices are, therefore, highly beneficial for small businesses and could be the perfect solution to restricted space and high office rental costs. Improving the security of a garden office will help to ensure it continues to be beneficial and some manufacturers will offer “high security” models. Users of these buildings can also implement basic safety procedures to keep things safe. This includes removing laptops and other expensive items from the building overnight.

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