Founder of NGO Consulting required a Home Office

A recent garden office buyer shares his buying experience:

We had been planning some dedicated office space since moving into our house two years ago but, a year on, our plan to extend our home into the roof space had involved endless meetings with building regs, builders and surveyors and rather a lot of money with nothing to show for it.  We then stumbled across Contemporary Garden Rooms and, keen on what we saw, got in touch to arrange a consultation.  From the very beginning, the service we received was second to none and we could never have imagined the solution we now have: a fully fledged, totally separate office space at the bottom of our garden.  It is perfect.

The building period was extremely quick (four full days from start to finish in rain and shine), the people involved a joy to make coffee and tea for (!) and the finished construction actually rather beautiful.  Most visitors have since suggested that it has in fact improved our garden and is a great addition to our home.  And, of course, the most important result is that we are now able to totally separate our work and home lives, enjoying a commute of approximately 30 seconds to the bottom of the garden each day.  Now you can’t ask for more than that!

We highly recommend the team at Contemporary Garden Rooms.

Nick Oldham

If you would like a similar experience to Nick, visit the Contemporary Garden Rooms website.

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