Equipping your garden office furniture

Useful guest post from Allard Office Furniture about choosing the right furniture for your garden office.

More people than ever are choosing the option of working from home, regardless of whether they are in employment or self-employed. Anyone who chooses to do this will need a space to work and, in most cases, this is a home office.

However, an office in the garden, if you have a suitable building, is a fantastic alternative. First, it will help you to keep your work and home life separate. Secondly, it will help you to avoid distractions during your working hours. Finally, it can be a fantastic setting that is tailored to your working needs.

If you opt for a garden office, you will still need to set up the space in the same way you would a home office.

Office Furniture

Selecting the right office furniture will make all the difference to how well you can work from home in your garden office. The three main items you will need are a chair, a desk and some storage.

Choosing an ergonomic office chair is essential. Not only will this allow you to sit comfortably and focus on your work, it will also reduce the risk of you experiencing problems with your joints, neck, back and shoulders.

Both the size and the design of the desk are important. It must fit well within the space available, but must also meet all of your working needs. Its surface area should be large enough for you to work freely while having some storage included. This means you can keep everything you need to complete projects close to where you are working.

Finally, when choosing storage for your garden office, think of how it will be used as there is a huge variety of different storage solutions available. Things to consider include the media that you will store there, the space available for the furniture and how much storage you are likely to need.

Garden Office Furniture Guide

Planning the Layout

Your next consideration is the layout of your garden office. Easy access in and out of the space is important, so try not to position things in such a way that they block the doorway.

The next point to consider is where you should position the furniture and the size or shape of your garden office may, to a certain extent, dictate where you place furniture. Similarly, the positioning of any electric points may also determine your choice of layout. If possible, you should position your desk by the window. Not only will this give you access to natural light, it will also give you a view over the garden and this is much nicer than staring at a wall all day.

If space is limited and you do not have room office storage, then you may need to think of alternative ways of storing everything you and incorporating office storage solutions into the layout in other ways. For example, adding shelves to the wall or into tricky corners will not take up floor space and make the most of the wall space instead. Another option is to opt for multifunctional office furniture that has storage incorporates into the design.

Everything at Hand

To avoid the need to keep popping back into your home throughout the day, having everything you need at hand in your garden office will prevent you from becoming too distracted. For example, keeping items such as a kettle for hot drinks and a mini fridge for cold drinks will reduce the number of times you return inside. As a result, you will focus on your work for longer periods while still having the option to take short breaks.

A Pleasant Working Environment

A garden office can evoke images of a damp and boring workspace. However, this does not have to be the case. Having a pleasant space to work can have a beneficial effect on your overall productivity and your level of motivation. Therefore, it makes sense to make the office as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Some simple ways to do this are to add art prints, photographs or plants your garden office. Also, when choosing office furniture, such as ergonomic office chairs, opt for a design you find appealing in addition to thinking about the functionality of the furniture.

Overall, a garden office is a fantastic alternative to a home office. Providing you make sure it has everything you need to work productively; a garden office is a space that can allow you to work separately from your home life and without distractions. Your choice of furniture, the layout, what you keep in the office and the environment you create are all important factors to consider.

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