Building in the urban garden

Office in My Garden offer some tips on building a garden room in an urban setting

Building in the urban garden presents many problems as we here at Office In My Garden know only too well. Our client base is focused mainly in North London where property prices are rocketing again and the cost per square foot of residential space can start at anything around £600 upwards so utilising every available inch of your property has become an essential part of city living. The average garden room that we build is about 4m x 3m – (or 13′ x 10′ – I’ll let you do the maths!)


One thing that we have become expert at over the time we’ve been building garden rooms is bringing every piece of raw material needed through the house as well as all the tools and various contractors. Living in a big city means that a side or rear entrance is a rare luxury. Every aspect of the build is done on site, nothing is pre-made and brought in as the restrictions of the average front door dictate the largest object/length of timber/window or boards that can be brought through which can be quite testing for both client and contractor. One very big tip I would give to anyone thinking of building in an urban garden is make friends with the neighbours, with them onside things will go a lot smoother. We’ve managed to stay on good terms with all of our clients and quite often they become good friends.


Clients always like to retain a sizeable chunk of garden so a secure storage area for garden tools, children’s toys and now increasingly quite expensive adult road bikes need to be incorporated in to our designs.

Included in all of our garden rooms now is the ability to connect to the internet which is of course essential for any business if the room is being used as an office but equally if kids and teenagers are to be tempted out of the house and in to the garden room then connecting a games console or a tablet will do the trick. Moving your office out of the spare room and into the garden will of course create more space in the main house but in my experience moving the kids out of the house and giving them a space to go to can be just as liberating.


For more information about Office In My Garden’s work visit their website or give the team a call on 07778 297711


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