What heating option should I choose for my garden room?

Sanctum Garden Studios help answer a common question.


What heating option should I choose?

Always an interesting question and very much dependant on the size of your studio.  Sanctum Garden Studios are really well insulated and all of their ranges have fully insulated walls, roof and floor.

Sanctum use a ‘sandwich’ panel construction, applying various component layers during manufacture in their workshop. This results in a wall panel thickness of over 135mm, comprising of no less than six different materials incorporating breathable and waterproof membranes, structural elements, and insulation materials.

Aluminium foil faced PIR rigid insulation boards is used in both the floor and wall panels – this is widely used throughout the construction industry to help meet strict building regulations regarding energy conservation. This type of insulation also protects against heat gain in the summer months ensuring a comfortable temperature can be enjoyed year round.

A great feature of Sanctum’s Western Red Cedar cladding is that it provides a further insulating layer and is regarded as one of the best thermally performing  timbers available.  All Sanctum doors and windows are double glazed and use low emissivity ‘K’ glass which reflects heat back into the room whilst allowing some solar gain.

For smaller Studios, Sanctum recommend a slimline panel heater which is more than adequate.  Customers have reported how toasty and warm their Studios are using this type of heater even when it has been snowing.  As the Studios increase in size, either two of these heaters can be used or electric underfloor heating is a good option.  Even in the smaller Studios heating underfoot can work well especially if you are using your studio as an office and are there for long periods of time.

Finally all sizes of Studios can benefit from an Air Source heat pump.  This will provide both heating and air-conditioning ensuring you have a consistently comfortable environment whilst also working as a dehumidifier and air filter.  A number of customers have taken this option when they have had a large amount of electrical equipment which generates lots of heat or if they are using their studio as a gym.

One customer recently commented “Well we are delighted with the result.  The heat pump works very well even with all the cold weather we’ve been having.  We can honestly say that it is one of the best investments we’ve ever made – and is already saving the business money”.

All heating options are supplied and fitted by the Sanctum team – please contact them direct for further details.




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