Sanctum Garden Studios

This archive of articles looks at the work of Sanctum Garden Studios  who we first wrote about in March 2010.

Sanctum Garden Studios offer a bespoke design service for garden rooms from their Cedar clad Contemporary Range.

They also offer a two standard design ranges called the Hampton and the QuadPod which mix popular design features with an attractive price point.

3.6m x 2.4m garden office building-1

3.6m x 2.4m garden office building

3.6m x 2.4m is a good size for a one person garden office. It’s spacious enough for a desk and storage space but doesn’t steal too much room in the garden.

3m x 2.4m Garden Studio perfect for an artist-1

3m x 2.4m garden studio perfect for an artist

The Hampton Range by Sanctum Garden Studios has become a popular option for artists, with a starting price of £5,495 you can see why.

A move means a second garden studio-2

A move means a second garden studio

Back in 2013 Janene ordered a pottery studio for her North London garden. When she moved house her first job was to order another from Sanctum Garden Studios.


Bespoke teenagers den in the garden

Sanctum Garden Studios designed this bespoke teenagers den with recessed front wall offers a real sense of depth to the building.


Partition off a corner of your garden room to create a toilet

It is becoming increasingly popular to incorporate a toilet or shower room in a garden room, to make it self-contained. It is relatively easy to create a room within a garden room, and it needn’t steal too much space from the main living area


A garden room can even have a cat flap

Most garden room suppliers will be happy to tailor their designs, so it works for your specific needs. A recent Sanctum Garden Studios customer had a very specific request for her garden room building – that it incorporate a cat flap.


Compact garden room just right for a music teacher

The compact Hampton garden room by Sanctum Garden Studios has proved the perfect fit for this music teacher, there is even room for her piano.

Garden Studio on Love Your Garden-6

Garden studio on Love Your Garden

Sanctum Garden Studios have featured tonight on Alan Titchmarsh’s Love Your Garden. The Sanctum team were asked by the shows producers to create a 2.4m x 2.4m garden studio for a family in Durham.

6m x 3.5m Garden Office by Sanctum Garden Studios-4

Garden office making full use of the space available

Sanctum Garden Studios were recently asked by a fashion photographer to build a garden office in his large garden, so he could run his business from it.

Garden Room Summerhouse-1

Garden room summerhouse

Garden rooms are used for all manors of activity these days, but sometimes people just want to create a space where they can just sit and enjoy time away from the distractions of the main house.

Aging cedar cladding

Garden studio one year on

Great to see this garden beauty studio one year on and all kitted out. Its also interesting to see how the cedar cladding has started to change colour

The finished garden studio

Garden Hideaway

Sanctum Garden Studios have recently completed a contemporary styled garden hideaway.

3.6m x 2.4m contemporary garden studio-2

3.6m x 2.4m Contemporary Garden Studio

Sanctum Garden Studios have recently completed this 3.6m x 2.4m contemporary garden studio which nestles into the already established garden perfectly.

Garden Studio for Professional Artist 9

Garden studio for professional artist

Sanctum Garden Studios have recently built one of their Hampton garden studios for professional artist Jacqueline Watt.

Sanctum Garden Studios 2

Garden room designed to slot into the site

Inspired by their Contemporary Range this garden room was tailored for the clients site by Sanctum Garden Studios.

Sanctum Garden Studios Sedum Roof 1

Sanctum Garden Studios now offer sedum roofs

Sanctum Garden Studios have recently added the option of a sedum roof to their Contemporary range.


Replacing a playhouse with a garden office

Within days of moving into her new home Victoria was in touch with Sanctum Garden Studios with a view to replacing the playhouse that was left in the garden by the previous owners with a new garden office building.


Garden Room Haven

The Stealth range from Sanctum Garden Studios has become one of the most popular small garden room designs in the last couple of years as it combines design features with a great price point.

Garden room on a sloping site

Garden rooms can be built on tricky sites

Some people fear that their site is too difficult to contemplate a garden room, but this needn’t be the case as the modular nature of garden room construction lends itself to overcoming site issues.


Sanctum Garden Studio – 2 years on

Contemporary textural artist Gaynor Henaghan from Leeds purchased a Stealth garden studio about 2 years ago from Sanctum Garden Studios.

The room has just slotted in

Bijou garden room slots in

This bijou garden room has been designed to make use of wasted space to the side of the customers house.

Cubed Garden Studio

By creating a cubed style garden studio with no roof overhang Sanctum Garden Studios have managed to maximise the space on a tight site.

Illustrators Studio

Illustrator Zoe worked with the Sanctum Garden Studios team to create a light filled studio to work from.

Garden office / gym combo

Sanctum Garden Studios customer recently sent through these images of his contemporary style garden office / gym combo that he had installed last year. It just shows that a garden room can have more than one use.