Sanctum Garden Studios

This archive of articles looks at the work of Sanctum Garden Studios  who we first wrote about in March 2010.

Sanctum Garden Studios offer a bespoke design service for garden rooms from their Cedar clad Contemporary Range.

They also offer a two standard design ranges called the Hampton and the QuadPod which mix popular design features with an attractive price point.

Quirky bespoke size garden studio

Quirky bespoke size garden studio

In many cases, a garden studio needs to be a bespoke size to maximise the space available. Sanctum Garden Studios created this quirky 3m x 4.65m studio so that it could fit snuggly within the three boundaries.

A bespoke 5.4m x 3.2m garden room

Sanctum Garden Studios step into the breach

Sanctum Garden Studios saved the day, just before Christmas when Andy & Laura from Billingshurst were sadly let down at the last minute by another garden room company – thankfully this is not a common occurrence.

Bespoke size, cedar clad garden studio with cubed roofline

Cubed garden studio with black doors & windows

This contemporary cube garden studio has been fitted with black aluminium doors and windows. Black finishes are becoming popular as they contrast sharply with Cedar cladding.

The acute angle garden studio

Triangular garden studio slots into the corner

We have written about triangular garden studios designed to slot into the corner of a garden before, but this recent build by Sanctum Garden Studios features the acutest angles we have seen.

Sanctum Garden Studio converted into a sauna

Sauna created in a Sanctum Garden Studio

Sanctum Garden Studios created the shell of this building which their customer finished themselves creating a bespoke sauna in the garden.

Contemporary garden studio

Tricky access, tree preservation & a conservation area

Buying a garden room is normally a quick process, this job, however, took a few months due to Planning Permission being delayed by Tree Preservation orders.

Not one but two garden studios fit the bill-FI

Not one, but two, garden studios fit the bill

Most people buy one garden room. Some people buy a large building which they divide into multiple rooms. But, it is unusual, though not unheard of to buy two separate garden studios and position them side by side.

The garden room has transformed the garden

Garden room revitalises the end of a Chiswick garden

Is the end of your garden an unloved area where the garden shed sits and only fairies hang out? Well, a garden room could transform it into a modern space that you use daily.

Cat flap incorporated into a garden room wall

Cat flaps are becoming a thing in garden room design

Incorporating a cat flap into a garden room wall is becoming a new trend, at least with Sanctum Garden Studios customers.

Unusual use for a garden room - flotation pod-FI

Unusual use for a garden room – floatation pod

Garden rooms are versatile buildings with many possible uses but this is a new one on us. The garden room houses a floatation pod!

Mancave with pool table and bar in the garden

Mancave in the garden

This mancave garden room by Sanctum Garden Studios shows how you can create a cool den in the garden and extend the space outside too.

L-shaped classroom

L-shaped classroom for nursery school

Sanctum Garden Studios created this L-shaped classroom for a nursery school, in just three days on-site.

Glazed wall

Garden gym tailored to the customers needs

May & Andrew had specific design requests for their home gym building. Sanctum Garden Studios fulfilled their brief creating a light and airy gym building in just 2 days on site.

Beauty studio in the garden

Work from a beauty studio in the garden

A garden room can make a professional home workspace for a beauty therapist. This example came in at £13,560 which made it a good business investment.

A quirky twist on the Hampton Garden Studio

A quirky take on Sanctum Garden Studios Hampton Range

This twist on the standard options on the Hampton Range by Sanctum Garden Studios features a fully glazed front wall and a glazed door on the side. A Cedar panel contrasts sharply with the grey trims.

Love Your Garden room on year on-FI

Love Your Garden room one year on

Last year Sanctum Garden Studios donated one of their buildings for a project being undertaken by Alan Titchmarsh and his team on ITV’s Love Your Garden.

Add an extension to your garden room

Add an extension to your garden room

Five years on Sanctum Garden Studios were asked to return and build an extension on one of the garden room buildings

Mix and match cladding

Mixing materials on a Hampton Garden Studio

There is a trend for mixing and matching cladding finishes on a garden studio. Sanctum Garden Studios make this easy by offering Cedar panels which you can mix with standard grey finishes.

Garden studio The Home Game

The Home Game follow up

Following their appearance on ITV1’s The Home Game last week Sanctum Garden Studios have been talking to the Bolton News about the artists studio they built.

Garden studio The Home Game

The Home Game Sanctum Garden Studio

See if a Sanctum Garden Studio adds value to Karen’s home in the new ITV1 show The Home Game.

3.6m x 2.4m garden office building-1

3.6m x 2.4m garden office building

3.6m x 2.4m is a good size for a one person garden office. It’s spacious enough for a desk and storage space but doesn’t steal too much room in the garden.

3m x 2.4m Garden Studio perfect for an artist-1

3m x 2.4m garden studio perfect for an artist

The Hampton Range by Sanctum Garden Studios has become a popular option for artists, with a starting price of £5,495 you can see why.

A move means a second garden studio-2

A move means a second garden studio

Back in 2013 Janene ordered a pottery studio for her North London garden. When she moved house her first job was to order another from Sanctum Garden Studios.


Bespoke teenagers den in the garden

Sanctum Garden Studios designed this bespoke teenagers den with recessed front wall offers a real sense of depth to the building.