Step by step garden room build

Sanctum Garden Studios share with us the details of a recent build, accompanied by the photos the client took at each stage of the build.


After trawling through many garden suppliers and finding Sanctum Garden Studios via Google, we were delighted that Sale based engineer Phil chose us to install his home office. Phil was set to work from home from 12th September so needed to have his garden room installed and set up around this time. Due to Phil’s location, Sanctum were able to pull out all the stops to install at short notice (the 40 minute journey from Sanctum’s workshop helped).

Phil prepared the perfect plot for the installation team – it was levelled and all vegetation was removed. The team were then able to use Sanctum’s own foundation system consisting of an adjustable steel base frame and mini concrete piles on which to build his 4.2m x 3m Contemporary Studio with overhanging roof. To maximise the interior office space, Phil chose to have a 1.8m set of French doors which were offset to the right. Phil was keen to manage the internal temperature in his studio due to the equipment he uses so on the left of the doors we installed a 1m x 500mm opening window for some extra ventilation, and an additional 500mm x 1m opening window was added in the right hand wall. Finally an Air Source Heat Pump was installed at the rear of the studio to provide both heating and air conditioning.

Phil was not only pleased with his new studio but delighted that he now has a new space to work from home. Another happy Sanctum customer!


If this inspires you to learn more about Sanctum Garden Studios visit their website or give the team a call on 01204 460 450


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