Garden room by Roomworks

Roomworks were the gold award winners in the best garden building category at the 2009 House Beautiful Awards, and we can see how their crisp contemporary lines caught the judge’s eye.

Each Roomworks building is individually designed and built, because the Roomworks team appreciate that every customer’s requirements are different. Although each building is produced to order, they are all built to the same high standard. Roomworks have designed an eco friendly building system which means Roomworks buildings are sustainable from the ground up.

Roomworks use the low impact plinth foundation system designed by Swift Foundations. This revolutionary type of foundation removes the need for a concrete slab, since concrete is one of the most environmentally hazardous building materials around, this is a significant environmental saving.

The frame of Roomworks buildings is constructed from Structural Insulated Panel’s (SIP’s); this is a very efficient form of building both thermally and in terms of construction speed. SIP’s are a sandwich of structural board and rigid insulation, and buildings built from them have a low u-value (the rate at which heat passes though a material) which means they are efficient to heat in winter and cool in summer.

Externally the SIP’s framework is wrapped in a breathable membrane which protects the frame from the inward movement of moisture; over this buildings are clad in Western Red Cedar, which is fixed vertically to enhance the contemporary feel. Western Red Cedar is a low maintenance finish, starting out a reddish brown colour and weathering to a silver grey with time. Roomworks ensure all the cedar they use comes from certified, sustainable sources.

Internally buildings are finished to a high standard with plastered and painted walls which give Roomworks buildings the feel of a proper room. Roomworks use high quality Sunflex doors and windows, and the large expanses of glass create flowing inside, outside space.

Roofs are covered in a high performance EPDM rubber membrane, many companies finish their roofs with this covering but Roomworks go a step further by adding a living roof covering, this offers extra protection and thermal and acoustic insulation. Living roofs offer many benefits such as improving air quality, encouraging bio diversity and conserving energy. This aesthetically appealing finish is low maintenance and the 15 varieties of plant chosen offer year round interest.

Roomworks offer a complete building service, including foundations and electrics, and typically take two weeks to install. Prices start at £9,950 for a 2.8m x 2.8m garden room and buildings come with a five year guarantee.

For more information about Roomworks visit their website.

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