Garden Rooms with Living Roofs

Let’s face it, a flat roof on a garden room is practical but it’s not always its most attractive feature, so why not make it a focal point with the addition of a living roof?

More and more garden room suppliers are offering living roofs as an option on their garden rooms and with costs becoming more competitive a living roof is no longer just an option on high end garden rooms.

The most popular type of living roof (sometimes known as green roofs) is the sedum mat – here matting planted with hundreds of sedum plants is laid over lightweight growing medium and protective barriers preventing the roots of the plants effecting the waterproof roof membranes and roof structure. Sedum roofs look good all year round and carefully chosen plants can provide a succession of colour and interest. One of the biggest benefits of the sedum roof is that it requires very little annual maintenance.

Living roofs can also be planted with turf which would give your garden room a thick and luscious green roof but this type of roof can be heavy so requires a strong garden room construction, you will also need to be able to get up onto the roof to cut the grass!

Perhaps the most interesting living roof is the meadow mix as seen in this photo by Roomworks, but this type of living roof does require maintenance.

A living roof is definitely visually attractive but it has other benefits too such as replacing the vegetation biosphere removed by the garden room itself, which is important for birds and insects; it also absorbs CO2 emissions and provides valuable thermal and acoustic insulation.

If you’re keen on a garden room with a living roof take a look at where you can search for garden rooms by roof covering type.

The living roofs featured in this article are by Roomworks

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