Swift Garden Rooms

This archive of articles looks at the work of Swift Garden Rooms, one of the most experienced names in bespoke garden room design. We first featured their work in 2011, so there is lots to explore in this archive!

The Swift team are not afraid to push the design envelope, creating buildings with striking features tailored to their customer’s needs and tastes.

Over the years the Swift team have built everything from home offices through to self-contained homes in the garden. They also create modern SIP’s  commercial buildings.

You might find this gallery of Swift’s projects interesting.


Garden room gym with a difference

We have featured lots of garden room gyms over the years, but this recent build by Swift Garden Rooms is a bit different. As bespoke designers, Swift Garden Rooms work closely with their customers to create a building that is tailored to them.


Larch cladding offers a lot of character on a garden room

Siberian larch cladding can offer a lot of character to a garden room, as this example by Swift Garden Rooms shows.


Have you considered sun tubes for your garden room

Have you considered incorporating sun tubes into your garden room project? Many bespoke garden room suppliers offer them as a way of boosting natural light, in an area of the building that might otherwise be a little dark.

Creating a garden room with disabled access-5

Creating a garden room with disabled access

Garden rooms are not only spaces for the able-bodied, we can vouch for this being a disabled garden room user. Garden room designers can adapt their designs to make them fully accessible.

Triangular Garden Room by Swift-4

Triangular garden room designed to slot in

Do you have an area of your garden that would be the perfect spot for a garden room, but it’s not square? Don’t be put off the idea; a bespoke garden room designer will happily create a design that will make use of every inch of the space available.

Swift Garden Rooms Before & After-1

Family room in the garden for Dad & the kids

Swift Garden Rooms have recently created a family room in the garden so that Dad and the kids can retreat to watch the rugby, while Mum can have some valuable ‘me time’.

Garden room extension by Swift

Garden rooms can be attached to the house

Swift Garden Rooms are one of a handful of garden room suppliers who can design their garden rooms so that they can be attached to your house, creating an integrated and flexible living space.

IWA Customer Satisfaction Cert - Swift 2016

99% customer satisfaction score at Swift

Swift Garden Rooms have recently been awarded a 99% customer satisfaction score by IWA, the deposit guarantee scheme. This is impressive stuff and good to know.

Garden room for reading-3

A garden room for reading

People decide to build a garden room for so many different reasons. The owner of this recent Swift Garden Rooms build was looking for a space to relax, read and appreciate the view.

Family room in the garden by Swift Garden Rooms

Family room in the garden

Do you have growing children who are craving some space of their own? Well, have you thought about creating a room in the garden for them / you?

Customers come first at Swift 1

Customers come first at Swift

The reason that garden room buildings are such a successful and easy way of extending your home, is because of the close relationship that is built up between customer and designer.

Garden Gym by Swift Garden Rooms-3

Eye catching garden gym

Swift Garden Rooms have sent through details of a recent garden gym build – we think its quite an eye-catching design.

Work from home in a Swift Garden Office-3

Work from home Swift style

Swift Garden Rooms spotted a feature on the BBC news looking at the benefits of working from home. The report showed that the average Londoner spends 1 hour 15 minutes commuting to work and thats each way so two and a half hours a day!

Garden room with glazing on 3 sides-2

Garden room with 3 glazed walls

This garden room has floor to ceiling glazing on three elevations to take in the panoramic views.

Garden gym building by Swift Garden Rooms.

Home gyms by Swift Garden Rooms

Was your New Years resolution to get fit? Well how about creating a gym in your garden. More and more homeowners are buying garden rooms for use as a home gym.

Eco Garden Rooms by Swift-1

Swift to the rescue

Swift Garden Rooms have a keen for the environmental when designing their garden rooms – they even will rescue little wrens who pop in to see what they are doing.

Swift Garden Rooms-2

Remote controlled garden rooms

Swift Garden Rooms tell us that one of their most popular options on their buildings is the remote controlled electrics.

Garden room with sauna-2

Owner extends their garden room with a sauna

Swift Garden Rooms were recently asked by one of their former customers if they would return and add a sauna to their contemporary garden room buildings.

Swift Garden Rooms

Purpose built meeting room

As well as creating garden rooms in domestic settings Swift Garden Rooms also undertake commercial projects. One such project is this striking meeting room for The Saltisford Canal Trust.

home gym by swift 1

Home gym / family room in the garden

Swift Garden Rooms have recently completed this stylish contemporary garden room which the owners plan to use as a home gym / family room.

Garden Living Annexe by Swift 2

Garden Living Annexe

Garden living annexes also known as granny annexes and garden lodges are a popular topic on this site. We are therefore pleased to be able to share with you this article written by the Swift team who can design a living annexe specifically for your needs.

Swift Garden Rooms

The Man from Swift he say’s “No!”…

This is a reassuring article for garden room buyers which shows that suppliers will say ‘no’ when a project isn’t feasible.

Garden Office by Swift 3

Double Office Celebrations ….

Swift tell us about a recent garden office design where the client wanted best value and a good return on his investment.


Why choose Cedar cladding for your garden room

Swift Garden Rooms tell why they choose to use Western Red Cedar on their garden rooms.