Swift Garden Rooms

This archive of articles looks at the work of Swift Garden Rooms, one of the most experienced names in bespoke garden room design. We first featured their work in 2011, so there is lots to explore in this archive!

The Swift team are not afraid to push the design envelope, creating buildings with striking features tailored to their customer’s needs and tastes.

Over the years the Swift team have built everything from home offices through to self-contained homes in the garden. They also create modern SIP’s  commercial buildings.

You might find this gallery of Swift’s projects interesting.

5m x 3m garden office and gym

Garden office and gym

5m x 3m garden office and gym building by Swift Garden Rooms. The walls were designed so that wall mounted expertise equipment could by fitted.

Take steps to protect your deposit when buying a garden room

Protect your deposit when buying a garden room

Think about protecting your deposit payment when buying a garden room, in case the company you choose to work with goes bust.

With its large veranda this is the perfect indoor outdoor garden room

Indoor outdoor garden room

With its large covered veranda this Swift Garden Room is the perfect indoor outdoor space. As the bi-fold doors fold back it creates a great connection with the garden.

Cedar home yoga studio

Home yoga studio

Garden rooms are ideal for creating a tranquil home yoga studio. The space can be designed around your specific needs, as was the case with this 6m x 3.5m yoga room created by Swift Garden Rooms.

Corner garden sitting room by Swift

Corner garden sitting room

This bespoke corner sitting room has been designed as a place to sit with a coffee and enjoy the garden.

Modern outdoor office with shower room

Outdoor office with shower room

This outdoor office with shower room has been designed for business use. Swift worked closely with their client to create a professional space for welcoming clients, complete with coffee bar.

Four slim windows have been fitted on the front elevation

Swift rescue a garden room project

Sometimes a garden office project goes wrong. Fortunately, it is not something we often hear, but there are projects that don’t end up being the quality described. Swift Garden Rooms recently came to the rescue on a garden room project that had not lived up to expectations.

Garden office designed for a long thin London garden

Office for a long thin garden

Many a suburban garden is long and thin, but this need not stop you having a garden office. Swift Garden Rooms designed and built this 3 meters wide home office which fills the end of this London garden, making use of every inch of space and actually making the garden look wider.

The garden room is a key part of this landscaped garden

Garden room as part of a landscaped garden

As seen at the big garden shows, garden rooms are becoming a key part of a landscaped garden. Garden designers appreciating that a fully insulated garden room extends the use and enjoyment of the garden beyond the summer months.

Garden room with curved wall detailing

Sewing room in the garden

This stylish garden room has been designed as a sewing room. Swift Garden Rooms worked closely with their client to create a spacious building that offers plenty of space for a sewing table, cutting table and storage. Windows on three elevations means the room will have good natural light for working. With LED downlights recessed into the ceiling allowing work continue into the evening.

The black colour palette has created a striking building, sitting in a beautiful landscape.

Swift garden room exceeding expectations

A year in the planning, this riverside outdoor sitting room by Swift has exceeded its owner’s expectations. Clad with black composite cladding, the simple colour palette has created a striking building.

8m x 4.9m garden room with wc, kitchenette and storage shed

Designed for multiple uses under one roof

This Swift Garden Room has been designed to serve multiple uses from meeting room to yoga studio to guest building. The 8-meter wide building incorporates a secret storage shed, w.c. and kitchenette.

Two cutting stations sit along the rear wall

Garden hair salon

A successful hairdressing couple from Cheshire, approached the Swift Garden Rooms team to create another salon in their garden. They wanted to create a modern space that could house two more cutting stations, in their garden.

This large garden room spans the width of the garden

14.5m garden room that spans the width of the garden

This is an interesting project by Swift Garden Rooms which proves how a garden room can morph into different uses. At 14.5 meters wide it is also one of the widest garden rooms we’ve featured.

The annexe has a double bedroom large living room, wet room and garden terrace

8.15m x 5m garden living annexe

Monique wanted to create a home in her garden so that her father could live independently but with support and company when he wants it. Swift created a one bedroom annexe with wetroom and spacious living room for him.

The curved roof looks great internally

Curved roof poolside studio

This poolside studio is being used as an entertainment space and changing room. The room has a well-equipped kitchenette and bespoke drying cupboard.

A garden office designed for remote working

Split your work time between the city and a garden office

A garden office is a great solution for people looking to split their work life between the City and home. This bespoke design by Swift Garden Rooms is a striking example.

This garden room has distinctive glazing to maximise the view

Distinctive design garden room

Buyers looking to create a unique garden room, tailored to their specific needs and tastes with distinct design elements, are turning to Swift Garden Rooms

Garden room with shower room layout

Garden room with shower room

Incorporating a shower room into a garden room building is a good step in future proofing the building. Opening up different future uses and helping it hold its value

4.5m x 4.5m garden room

A vision of Spring!

Swift Garden Rooms share some examples of their designs which make full benefit of the wonderful season that Spring is. The great thing about Swift’s designs is that they are equally enjoyable spaces to spend time in, in Summer, Autumn & Winter too!

Living annexe in the garden

Bespoke living annexe transforms life

Swift Garden Rooms tell us about the positive impact one of their granny annexe buildings is having on a families life.

Garden room with mini garage

Garden room with mini garage

Garden room designers love it when you approach them with a defined wishlist of how you want your garden room to function. The brief for this design was a large garden room, secret storage shed and a mini garage.

Fun and games in a Swift Garden Room-1

Fun and games in a Swift Garden Room

A fine example of a games room in the garden by Swift Garden Rooms. The room has been designed for fun today but is flexible for any future use.


Tailor-made garden office

Are you looking for a tailor-made garden office? Well, you need to talk to the team at Swift Garden Rooms who like nothing better than to implement their client’s wishlist of features into their contemporary designs.