Distinctive design garden room

Swift Garden Rooms are known for their design lead buildings. Buyers looking to create a unique garden room, tailored to their specific needs and tastes with distinct design elements, are turning to the Swift team for this reason.

A recent customer asked the Swift team to design them a large garden room that could offer a flexibility of use for many years to come. Set in lovely, extensive grounds it was clear to the design team from the outset, that there would need to be an emphasis on glazing to maximise these views.

This garden room has distinctive glazing to maximise the view

Swift’s customer was very keen to add some distinction to the look of the garden room. To achieve this, working closely with their client the Swift designers created triangular glazing which links into each side of the patio door system. This patio door system is made up of three 2-meter wide doors on the front elevation. These doors run on a track system which allows each door to be slid open in any combination, with very little effort. This is a high specification door & window system that features taller doors and windows than traditionally used in garden room design – a clever design trick!

The garden room has been designed to maximise the views

The 2-meter wide patio doors can be slid back to maximise the views

To fulfil the design brief that the garden room be flexible of use, now and in the future, as shower room was designed in. As you can see from the photo below this is beautifully specified. In addition, a compact kitchenette was incorporated into the building. The kitchenette features a sink and built in microwave.

High spec shower room in a garden rooms

A high-spec shower room has been incorporated into the garden room

As with all Swift Garden Rooms, the interior of the garden room has a high spec, fully plastered and decorated interior. Rather than opt for a wooden flooring system as is common in garden room design, the customer specified a high-end vinyl floor covering. This flooring offers a classic look while offering excellent durability and practicability.

In fact, Swift’s customer chose a string of options to make their garden room special and comfortable, such as remote control lighting and a Sonos sound system. A striking addition is a corner wood burning stove, which was professionally installed to meet the Building Regulations.

Layout of this luxury garden room design

The layout of this luxury garden room design

Martin Lawson of Swift Garden Rooms comments:

It is so satisfying to work with a client on a beautiful project like this. I believe this particular garden room strikes a perfect balance between grandeur and practicality. The scale is as impressive as it was sometimes challenging.  For example, the sliding doors may now move with the touch of a finger, but they needed 4 fit and strong men to carry each one into position!  I love the fact that as soon as he was sat behind his desk, our client took the trouble to send a proud photo of his new, and rather amazing, working environment.”

Like the look of this garden room? Learn more about it by talking to the Swift team on 01625 875 588 or visit their website to explore more of their work.

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