Flat pack house extensions

A few of the garden room firms we feature on this site will build house extensions. Often referred to as flat-pack extensions, these highly insulated structures are manufactured off-site and then delivered to your home for quick assembly.

These firms will work closely with you to design an extension around your home and your intended use.

A flat-pack extension is one of the quickest ways to extend your home. Your new room can be built and ready to use in just a couple of weeks.

Garden room extension on a Listed Building

A modern single storey extension that ties into a Listed Building.

Rendered modern extension

This white rendered extension is a modern addition to this house.

Two storey SIPS extension

SIP's are a popular option for the core structure of a flat pack extension.

Modern single storey extension

This modern single storey extension is highly insulated so will be comfortable all year.

Mono pitch house extension

The mono pitched roof creates a space for some high level glazing.