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The Scandinavians are well known for the quality of their design and for their timber buildings which have to withstand the extremes of their climate, and these two skills have been combined to create a range of contemporary, modular garden rooms, offices and studios. Garden 2 Office is the exclusive UK supplier and installer of these Swedish modular buildings and can install anything from a mini WorkPod to a fully formed house.

The team from Garden 2 Office suggest 10 reasons why their Scandinavian designs are so good:


Garden2office buildings are the only modular buildings on the UK market that fit triple glazing as standard. We don’t buy in budget Upvc frames, our units are built in our own factory, along with the wall blocks. That way we can control the quality, every time.


Sweden’s goal is to have an oil-free economy within 20 years, so it’s no surprise the building methods and materials have been carefully chosen for their sustainability. For example, our plywood isn’t just any plywood, it’s formaldehyde-free. The wall insulation can be up to 70% recycled material and factory assembly means less site waste. Our buildings travel fewer than 5km on roads before they reach the UK.


If you need a building that you can use all year around, night and day, it has to be well insulated. We use Isover glass wool insulation for our wall systems. This environmentally-friendly product gives us thermal ‘U’ values down to 0.18 (220mm wall units). The benefit is that you stay warm in winter and cool in summer, with exceptionally low heating costs.


The combination of triple glazing and thick wall insulation is ideal for stopping sound. If you live near a busy road or railway, your building will reduce noise levels from 80 to 36dB. It works both ways, of course, teenagers with drum kits or a home cinema set-up won’t annoy your neighbours.


Our housebuilding expertise in Scandinavia means we can make exactly the building you want, give or take 300mm. The wall and window units can be assembled in millions of combinations and sizes. If you need a building up to 12.5m wide, we can help. We’ll also help you design the building you want, rather than try to sell you a building from a range.


There’s never been a more cost effective way of adding extra space to your home or business. Loft conversions and brick extensions mean disturbance to your home and a higher cost. What’s more, a well-built garden room can make your property a lot more saleable in tough times and more valuable in the good times.


We work with you to design a building to suit your home and garden. We don’t just make one style. Our unique modular system is more flexible than most. We can create a pitched roof garden room with tiled roof and oak cladding for your cottage or a contemporary office in cedar and steel for the urban plot. All have the same fantastic heat-retaining walls.


Our buildings use a genuinely demountable system. Six screws are used to secure the interlocking wall blocks, making it possible to remove the cladding and pack the building for transport to its new site.


Many of our clients have included bathrooms, sinks, store rooms and bedroom areas within their buildings. The sturdy walls are strong enough to add partitioning from new or in the future. As your needs change, so your Tomoku Hus can be adapted.

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