Creating a granny annexe in the garden

Granny Annexe At Dusk

We realize that more and more people are searching this site for information on granny annexes, and we thought we would share with you the useful videos that Booths Garden Studios have made about their granny annexe buildings.

A granny annexe is different to a normal garden room, and require different design considerations, such as wider doors, low door thresholds and potentially room to manoeuvre a wheelchair. A granny annexe also needs to be well built and comply with building regulations. We have featured a few granny annexe buildings built by Booths over the years and were really interested to see and hear how this Booths customer has found using hers.


Booths customer Yvonne had a 18′ x 9′ (5460mm x 2730mm) LoLine QC5 installed for her Father. Her Father is quite poorly, often in Hospital, and now in a Wheelchair, so visiting Yvonne’s house was very difficult – thin doors with high thresholds – no access to a downstairs Toilet e.t.c. meant she decided to install a Granny Annexe for when her Father can get out of Hospital.

Do your research

Yvonne spent a month researching suppliers for her granny annexe and chose Booths Garden Studios because they could easily adapt their design to he specific needs, for instance they were able to install a wider than normal door with low threshold so that Yvonne could easily manoeuvre her fathers wheel chair, inside they also made manoeuvrability easy by installing a wet room so the wheelchair could just be wheeled in. Also she says she wanted a building…

that went up quickly, looked good, was good quality, and then I didn’t have to touch it after that..and that’s exactly what I managed to get:-)” The thing that kept coming back all the time was that there was just no maintenance required.”

Planning Permission

Yvonne handled the planning permission process herself, and found the matter quite easy, Booths supplied her with relevant drawings free of charge. If you don’t want to sort the planning application yourself Booths will happily handle this for you for £495 including VAT. Yvonne’s application took just a week to be approved (she was replacing an old garage with the granny annexe building) but applications normally take around 8 weeks.

Take a tour of Yvonne’s Granny Annexe

How much did it cost?

This 5460mm x 2730mm granny annexe with wet-room cost about £20,000, which is far cheaper than any other sort of purpose built living accommodation.

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