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We recently looked at garden rooms as self contained living accommodation and thought we would continue this series with this guest post by

Families grow, jobs change and hobbies come and go.   With the ever-changing demands of life, everyone wants a bigger home, but nobody wants the stress of moving, often taking years to feel at home again.  Planning a renovation or extension can be equally as stressful, with the procedure often being chaotic and invasive, therefore having a huge impact on your day-to-day life.

With the current economic climate more and more people are choosing to invest in contemporary garden rooms or annexes to find that much sought after extra space. Whether it’s an office to divide your working and home life, a family room to enjoy with your loved ones or just that extra space you desperately need, could have the solution for you.

With this in mind, deciding on a garden room is a smart and cost-effective way to increase your living or working space, and for that reason it is becoming more and more common.   Looking at the current trends in the UK we have found that Granny Annexes are making a resurgence back into the market and more people are choosing to invest in them.   Due to this rise in popularity we at believe we have designed the perfect granny annexe for you.

This is an example of a project we are currently working on, the studio’s primary use will be a granny annexe situated in close proximity to the main house. It will house the client’s elderly parents whilst also doubling up as a guest house when they have friends of family over.  For this reason the client has opted for 2 bedrooms, 2 separate bathrooms and an open plan living area with a kitchenette

As aesthetics and functionality play a crucial role in our garden studios, we have designed this studio with both in mind.  The external door to the living room is not a typical single opening door.  Instead the use of a bi-folding door means the whole elevation of the granny annexe can be folded to one side allowing the internal and external spaces to mix.  These bi-folding doors are designed to fold back and tuck under the Accoya cantilevered overhang, giving the doors a hidden appearance when opened.  The decking area can be extended or reduced depending on personal preference and space available, this particular client has gone for a 2.6m decking space spanning the width of the granny annexe.  Another of our design feature which is incorporated into this studio is each bedroom having two floor-to-ceiling windows allowing adequate sunlight into the room whilst keeping to the open contemporary feel.

All of our garden rooms are manufactured in our factory in Leicestershire UK and once delivered; our experienced team of foremen construct and install the build in 2-4 weeks with minimal disruption to yourself or the main house.  What’s more, thanks to our sister company Bark Joinery, all elements of the granny annexe is built in-house ensuring the highest level of quality is maintained throughout the build.  What’s more thanks to our joinery arm our garden rooms can be customised and tailor-made to your individual requirements.  Bespoke extras such as WC’s, shower Units, cupboards, and kitchenettes can all be custom-made to suit any size, taste and preference.  Additional outdoor decking/bbq areas ensure you can use the garden room or annex for almost any purpose, and at any time of the year thanks to our excellent insulation and thermal retention properties.

To enquire about your granny annexe or any of our other garden rooms call us to on 0800 011 2373 or alternatively visit us at

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