Ark Design Build

This archive of articles looks at the work of Kent-based garden room company Ark Design Build who  Ark Design Build are a small team who specialise in bespoke designs in a contemporary style.

While they offer lots of options to personalise your design, their standard specification is great including the groundworks and final electrical connection. Their standard electrical specification includes internet connection.

Ark Design Build focus their work in Kent and Sussex.

The angled wall softens the building in the garden

An Angled Corner Softens a Garden Studio

Working with Ark Design Build is a collaborative process. When their client in Tunbridge Wells suggested adding an angled wall to soften the building, they were happy to incorporate it into their designs. As we can see, the garden room blends seamlessly into the elegant garden.

A 4.8m x 4m fully insulated garden sitting room project by Ark Design Build

4.8m x 4m Garden Sitting Room

A fully insulated garden sitting room is a comfortable space to sit and take in the garden views, away from the main house’s distractions. It’s an ideal setting for enjoying some personal time or for entertaining friends and family. This recent project by Ark Design Build serves as an excellent example.

2.8m tall garden gym by Ark Design Build which has angled walls following the boundary walls of the garden

Angled gym & store building to follow the fence line

A custom-designed garden gym and storage room, with a height of 2.8 meters, features walls that follow the contours of the boundary fences. This unique design ensures there are no unused spaces behind the structure, optimising the internal space.

The storage room is accessible both from within the gym and from outside, enhancing the versatility of this building.

The exterior has been finished with black Thermowood cladding

3m Tall Garden Gym Building with Hidden Store

This innovative garden gym stands 3m tall, ensuring ample headroom for comfortable exercising. Doubling as a home office, it includes a custom desk offering picturesque views of the garden. The design also features discreet storage, accessible through a secret door that is seamlessly integrated into the wall cladding.

30sqm one bedroom annexe by Ark Design Build

1-bed annexe for an awkward-shaped garden

While many garden annexe providers adhere to traditional rectangular designs, occasionally an irregularly shaped annexe with angled walls is necessary to optimally utilise the available space. If you’re in Kent or nearby areas and are considering an annexe for an unusually shaped garden, Ark Design Build are the people to talk to.

L-shaped garden gym and office by Ark Design Build

Home gym and office annexe

This bespoke home gym and office building is different to many of the other examples we have shared because it was designed and built to a Building Regulation compliant specification that we commonly see in living annexe projects. Ark Design Build handle the approval process as part of their turnkey service. In this case, this also included obtaining planning approval.

While designed primarily as a home gym and office, the 42sqm L-shaped building—comprising two main rooms, a kitchen, and a shower room—offers versatile future use, including potential sleeping accommodation.

Pitched roof garden annexe by Ark Design Build

Light & airy garden annexe for the whole family

This 30 sqm garden annexe by Ark Design Build is designed for the whole family to enjoy. The pitched roofline creates a wonderfully light and airy interior. The annexe features a well-equipped kitchen and a shower room, which is customised according to the customer’s choice of tiles and fittings.

Garden annexe by Ark Design Build designed as a party space with custom DJ booth.

The party is getting started in the annexe

Ark Design Build has created a high-spec garden annexe designed to be the ultimate party zone. The annexe is located at the end of a Kent garden and is built to Building Regulation standards, meaning it can be used as sleeping accommodation.

Complete with bespoke kitched and well-specified shower room, with the right permissions it could be used as self contained living accommodation in the future.

5m x 3m garden room with 3m x 3m covered seating area by Ark Design Build

Garden office with covered seating area

This multifunction garden building is by Ark Design Build and has created a space where the owners can work, exercise and entertain. A fully insulated garden room has been extended with a covered seating area alongside.

The insulated room is 5m x 3m and the covered seating area is 3m x 3m.

L-shape garden room with storage by Ark Design Build

Cedar clad garden studio nestles into the garden

This garden room with secret storage shed built in Sevenoaks shows how successful Ark Design Build are at nestling their garden rooms into an established garden. The garden room has been designed to maximise the space available, but in a way so the existing planting has room to breathe.

Dual entry garden office by Ark Design Build

Dual entry garden office

You are not limited to having just one door when building a garden office building. This bespoke design by Kent-based Ark Design Build is an excellent example of how you can position doors in a garden office just where you need them.

The office is positioned in the middle of the garden with doors on both the front and rear elevations.

Garden studio built on terraced ground by Ark Design Build

Garden studio built on terraced ground

With this project, Ark Design Build has truly crafted a garden studio to fit into the garden. Built on terraced ground, many other companies would have said this project was not feasible. As bespoke designers, Ark Design Build approach each project on its own merits, resulting in a studio that works for the owners and the garden.

Open plan kitchen living room in an Ark Design Build annexe

Multi-room annexe in Kent

Contemporary multi-room garden annexe in Kent by Ark Design Build. Featuring a full kitchen, stylish shower room and space saving fold up bed.

6m x 4m insulated garden room with large side canopy by Ark Design Build

Garden room with large side canopy

This lovely example of a Cedar garden room with a large side canopy is by Kent-based Ark Design Build. The insulated garden room is a spacious 6m x 4m. The canopied area extends the overall building to 13 meters wide. So, this is a big indoor-outdoor living space!

Garden room with Pergola by Ark Design Build

Contemporary garden room with pergola area

This garden room with cedar pergola is by Ark Design Build. The bespoke design has created a fantastic indoor-outdoor entertaining space.

Ark Design Build garden office with storage on a sloping site

Garden office with storage on a sloping site

Bespoke garden office design that has utilised the sloping ground to create a taller than usual storage shed which is hidden behind a secret door.

Community hub building by Ark Design Build

Garden room creates a community hub

This highly insulated, tailormade garden room has created a community hub for a charity. With kitchen and bathroom, its by Ark Design Build

Garden room for all the family by Ark Design Build

Garden room for all the family

Interesting shape garden room for all the family to use, by Ark Design Build. It features a beautiful shower room and a useful storage room.

Cedar garden room with hidden shed by Ark Design Build

Cedar garden room with hidden store

A contemporary Cedar garden room with hidden storage shed. Unlike other designs, the storage shed sits discreetly behind the main room.

Black clad garden rooms by Ark Design Build

Black is the new cedar

Black cladding is a popular alternative to Cedar for the exterior of garden rooms. Ark Design Build are leading the way with this finish, mixing durable Larch or Thermowood with barn paint.

Small granny annexe by Ark Design Build

Small granny annexe

Contemporary style small granny annexe building with ensuite shower room and kitchenette. The mono pitched design has a light airy feel and beautifully detailed tiling.

Black clad garden rooms by Ark Design Build

Garden office with porch

Garden office with contemporary porch detail by Ark Design Build. When open, the bifold doors sit neatly within the porch, opening the office up onto the decked veranda.

Bespoke home office and cinema room by Ark Design Build

Home office & cinema room

Striking home office and cinema room in the garden by Ark Design Build. The 4.8m x 4.8m building has an angled wall to follow the shape of site.

Open garden room shelter

Garden room shelter

If you are looking for more of a garden room shelter than a fully insulated room, then this new option from Ark Design Build will interest you.