Miniature Manors

This archive of articles looks at the work of Miniature Manors who specialise in bespoke garden room projects. We have been featuring their builds since 2016.

They have experience in designing home offices, soundproof studios and self-contained annexes. They have also designed buildings for home businesses such as beauty salons and hair salons.

Black barn style garden room that serves as a home office and gym

Corrugated aluminium clad garden gym & office

We are a fickle bunch here at The Garden Room Guide; we have fallen in love with lots of garden room buildings over the last 13 years, but this project by Miniature Manors would make it into our all-time top three!

The barn style building features two rooms, one is a gym and the other an office with ensuite.

The Willow by Miniature Manors

Pre-designed garden rooms

A pre-designed garden room is a good option if you are looking for a well-specified building with a quick, simplified purchase process. They are a good choice if you want to quickly create a home office, gym or art studio.

Tudor style garden room by Miniature Manors

Tudor style garden room

Tudor style garden room by Miniature Manors. Traditional detailing and craftmanship have been mixed with modern finishes that ensure a well-insulated space that will be comfortable to use all year round.

L-shaped garden office with storage room by Miniature Manors

Garden office & store with feature green wall

Miniature Manors designed this bespoke garden office with storeroom that features an eye-catching green wall.

Home beauty salon building by Miniature Manors

Home beauty salon building

6m x 3m home beauty salon building by Miniature Manors. Designed in collaboration with the customer the room has space for a treatment couch, nail bar and pedicure station. There is also a cloakroom with toilet so clients don’t have to visit the house.

Insulated workshop with angled walls by Miniature Manors

Insulated workshop with angled walls

As bespoke designers, Miniature Manors will design a building that meets your needs. They designed this insulated workshop with angled walls to maximise the site.

3.6m x 2.4m garden office by Miniature Manors

Budget for a garden room when you buy a house

It is becoming popular to set aside a budget for a garden room when buying a new house. This new homeowner added an new room by Miniature Manors for just £14,000.

light filled painting studio in the garden

Garden painting studio

Light filled garden painting studio by Miniature Manors the design of which was inspired by the black barns of the Sussex countryside.

Narrow garden room with shower room

Narrow garden room with shower & toilet

This 2.1m x 4.8m garden room by Miniature Manors proves you don’t need a big building to incorporate a functional shower room with toilet

Soundproof garden music room

Soundproof garden rehersal studio

Miniature Manors designed and built this soundproof garden rehearsal studio has a decoupled structure creating a room within a room, acoustic glazing and acoustic insulation.

Composite cladding is dimensionally stable and does not need repainting to stay looking good

Garden office with composite cladding

Miniature Manors have created a garden office that will need little maintenance to stay looking like new thanks to the use of composite wood cladding. The stone grey boards look great mixed with darker grey uPVC doors and windows.

PVC wall panels have created a bright, practical interior on a budget

Room to run yoga classes from home

Miniature Manors worked closely with their clients to bring in this 7m x 3.9m yoga studio in on a limited budget. Clever design and specification choices have resulted in a large building that has a great connection with its tranquil setting.

French doors lead off the bedroom onto a decked terrace

Replace a garage with a holiday let

Did you know, that with the right permissions in place, you can create an extra income stream from a garden room? This family replaced their garage with a self-contained annexe by Miniature Manors and are letting it via Airbnb.

Garden room pub by Miniature Manors

Garden room pub

Garden rooms have many potential uses, this recent project by Miniature Manors is one of the most entertaining. Miniature Manor’s client wanted to create their own pub in their garden as a place for them to retreat to at the end of the day and to entertain friends.

Garden office with shed a year after it was built

Miniature Manors garden office a year on

Last year we explored a pitched roof garden office by the team at Miniature Manors. We were therefore delighted to see photos of the building one year on, pop up in our inbox.

Modern hair salon in the garden

Hairdresser creates salon in a garden room

Looking to run a business from home? A garden room can make a great HQ for your business as this hairdressers salon proves.


Granny annexe by Miniature Manors

Granny annexes / micro homes in the garden have been one of the big trends in the garden room industry this year. Miniature Manors have recently completed this L-shaped example.

Garden room designed for beauty business-3

Garden room designed for beauty business

Many buyers are realising that a garden room makes the ideal premises for a business. For instance, we are seeing more and more garden rooms being used as beauty studios.

Garden room built into a hill by Minature Manors-3

Garden room built into a hill

Minature Manors recently completed this garden room built into a hill. As bespoke garden room designers, the Minature Manors team were able to tailor their design to make use of the space available.

Pitched roof garden room by Miniature Manors-7

Pitched roof garden room

This pitched roof garden room by Miniature Manor oozes traditional charm. The customer had specific wants from the design including a veranda and a storage area.

Bespoke garden room by Miniature Manors

Miniature Manors

We have recently been introduced to the work of Miniature Manors who offer a bespoke garden room design service.