Bathstone Garden Rooms

This archive of articles looks at the work of Bathstone Garden Rooms who specialise in bespoke design projects, focusing their work in Hampshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, South Oxfordshire and West London.

Bathstone Garden Rooms is one of a few companies who offer the option of brick garden rooms alongside their insulated timber buildings. Their portfolio of work includes garden rooms that incorporate storage and L-shaped buildings.

Interestingly, Bathstone Garden Rooms undertake outbuilding restorations alongside their new design and build projects. They can transform old garages and timber frame outbuildings, bringing them up to modern standards, making them fully functional again.

Bathstone Garden Rooms anything but standard

Bathstone Garden Rooms, anything but standard

Working with Bathstone Garden Rooms, you are not limited to a standard specification, a standard layout, or a standard design style. The Bathstone Garden Rooms team relish a unique design brief and have the skillsets to make an unusual idea a reality.

Brick garden room by Bathstone Garden Rooms

Brick built garden rooms

If you are looking for the solidity of a garden room with brick walls, you’ll want to speak with Bathstone Garden Rooms.

Outbuilding converted into a living annexe by Bathstone Garden Rooms

Convert an outbuilding into a living annexe

Alongside creating new buildings, Bathstone Garden Rooms can also renovate an old outbuilding, bring it up to modern, garden annexe standards.

Contemporary style pool house by Bathstone Garden Rooms

Pool house design ideas

Bathstone Garden Rooms design and build contemporary and traditional style pool houses. They can incorporate pump rooms, changing facilities, shower rooms, kitchenettes and entertainment areas

Garden Room With Hidden Storage-1

Garden Room With Hidden Storage

Garden rooms with hidden storage are a design we have seen a lot of this year. This one by Bathstone Garden Rooms is based on a popular garden room design

Bathstone Garden Rooms

Creating a garden room from an existing outbuilding

Can you create a garden room from an existing outbuilding? Well if you work with a specialist like Bathstone Garden Rooms the answer is yes!

Garden room on a sloping site

We don’t all have flat gardens, and a sloping site can make people think that a garden room is not an option for them, but garden room suppliers have a number of solutions to this problem in their toolbox

‘L’ Shaped Garden Room

‘L’ shaped garden rooms can be a very good use of space – you can create two rooms with different uses or a softer less ‘cubed’ structure.

Garden studio with integral shed

More and more buyers are looking for a multi use garden building which incorporates both a fully insulated garden room and separate storage shed, this is a particularly good example by Bathstone Garden Rooms.

Traditional Garden Rooms by Bathstone

Bathstone Garden Rooms design and build both traditional and contemporary style garden rooms, they also will undertake refurbishment work on existing garden buildings.

Painted Garden Room by Bathstone

At Bathstone we design buildings to meet our customer’s exact requirements, so when we initially sat down to discuss design for our most recently completed project, it became apparent our customers wanted a splash of colour at the end of their garden.

Sauna in the garden

Fancy having your own sauna? Well you could have one in your garden, as these photos by Bathstone Garden Rooms show.

A garden room in a city garden

Bathstone garden rooms have sent through details of this contemporary garden room which they have recently built in London.

Oak Garden Rooms by Bathstone

Looking for a garden room that has the low maintenance and aesthetic properties of oak but mixed with contemporary garden room design? Look to Garden Rooms