Smart Garden Gym

We are having to eat our words with this post, we have been known to say that suppliers who offer standard designs don’t have a great deal of flexibility when it comes to customising their designs, and that if you want a garden room tailored to your individual needs you need to go down the bespoke design route, but we were wrong!


Smart Garden Offices have recently completed this garden gym for a client, totally transforming one of their standard Trio buildings to satisfy the clients specific needs.

Smart’s customers wanted this particular position and configuration so they can be on their exercise bikes and rowers side by side and look down the length of their garden and over the meadows beyond, and as Charlie Dalton of Smart Garden Offices explains:

For me, this is exactly the reason I visit every customer before I write up a specification.


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The clients are reportedly delighted with the final product, and we can see why, the full length windows look great and certainly maximise the views.

Smart have very successfully customised one of their standard designs, resulting in a stunning garden room, that just shows the versatility of the Smart Garden Offices range.


For more information about the Smart range and how their designs can be personalised to your needs visit their website or give them a call on 0800 242 5559

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