Top is the result of collaboration between an architect and a joiner, and because of this the buildings have a unique style and attention to detail. have clean lines, floor to ceiling frameless windows, and innovative combinations of materials which set them apart from other contemporary garden studios. offer a cost effective standard unit and a fully customisable bespoke studio. have chosen a pallet of quality materials for their garden studios. As standard the garden studio roof is covered in a Bauder layered membrane system, which has a proven performance record and is available in a choice of colours. offer a Bauder sedum green roof as an upgrade option, the green roof consists of the same materials and membranes as the standard roof system but with an additional vapour barrier and filtration system along with the sedum planting.  There are several advantages of using a green roof, not only aesthetics but also added sound and heat insulation and many sustainable benefits.  The sedum is practically zero maintenance and is incredibly durable, living for weeks without rain or light. come with the choice of two cladding options, both of which are aesthetically pleasing and highly durable. preferred choice is Western Red Cedar cladding which expresses a subtle red texture whilst the more cost effective option of Scandinavian Pine provides a stronger grain which is equally attractive.  In choosing these materials have ensured through their design that both woods compliment the studio and the surrounding environment. As an optional upgrade can finish the studio in Siberian Larch, Oak or Scandinavian Pine.

For external trims and decking, sustainably sourced Accoya is used. Accoya is non-toxic and has a 60 year minimum life expectancy.  Its properties match or exceed the durability, stability and beauty of the very best hardwoods.  The naturally light colour of Accoya complements the cladding and overall aesthetics of the studio.

Internally are finished to a high standard, rather than use a traditional plastered finish, have chosen to use light birch plywood panelling as standard. Light in colour and very durable, this natural wood fits perfectly within the natural surroundings of the garden. treats the wood with a natural beeswax finish which offers added protection and an initial pleasant aroma.  Because of the flexibility of the birch panelling can offer a choice of colour finishes as an optional upgrade.

For the floor a common favourite is European Oak which offers an attractive colour and grain whilst being a durable and suitable floor finish. A more cost effective flooring option is laminate, which is available in a choice of wood finishes.

All studios are supplied with a range of services and features, all of which come standard and included in the prices. The studio is fitted with several electrical sockets to your requirement, dimmer controlled down lights and electric heating.  If you have any other requirements or would like other additional services, such as WC or kitchenette can easily be designed in. The electricity for the studio will be supplied from your home and connected to the fuse board via an armoured cable charge £12,000 +vat with 3m x 2m internal space, this includes full installation and the foundations it sits on.  A is made to size and is tailored around the users requirements, so can vary considerably.  A typical studio measuring 3m x 4.1m internally and with foundations installed would cost around £24,000. Both above prices include all the general services you would expect such as lighting, heating, power sockets and insulation etc with no hidden extra costs.

You can experience the feel of an for yourself now at the Ideal Home Show in London, and later in the year at Grand Designs.

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