Garden rooms can be designed to match your house

As bespoke garden room designers, Harrison James will tailor a design to your specific requirements. A clear example of this is this playroom build in West Sussex where the customer wanted the garden room to match in with the main house.

Harrison James designed this garden room to match the house

A compact 2.7m x 3m garden room was slotted in beside the house. The materials were chosen for the exterior of the garden room so that it matched in closely with the look of the house. Black featheredge cladding was used to compliment the black cladding on the walls of the house, and white uPVC doors were chosen to match those used on the house. The resulting building just nestles in and looks like it is part of the overall house design.

The exterior of this garden room matches the house

Internally the playroom has a fully plastered and decorated interior. A modern grey laminate floor has been fitted. The room is fully wired electrically, and a 500w electric heater has been fitted for easy heat.

This playroom garden room cost around £14,000 including VAT.

To learn more about how Harrison James can tailor the design of your garden room to match your house, give them a call on 01403 713 766 or visit their website to learn more about their work.

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