Garden Office Guide: Alternative Space


We ask Alternative Space creators of the Eco Den garden office questions about their garden offices.

What is your most popular garden office design?

Alternative Space – Eco Den
Eco Den sets the standard that most other suppliers try to achieve.

Why does your design make the perfect garden office, how have you made it user friendly?

Eco Den is specifically designed as a garden workspace.

Alternative Space were one of the first companies to produce such products, having realised that these structures have specific requirements which can not be met by conventional timber building suppliers.

Our products are super insulated for year round use and are warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

In addition Eco Dens are self drying so that electrical equipment can be stored without fear of damage. They are also acoustically insulated, so a nice, quiet place to work.

For complete piece of mind, Alternative Space provide an all inclusive installation service, with no hidden extras.

How do your garden offices comply with Planning Permission?

Eco Dens are designed to comply with current planning regulations. However, to support our products, Alternative Space provide a comprehensive planning service which will make the process simple and straightforward.

What size garden office do you recommend for one worker to work comfortably?

Unfortunately this not the right question.
The size of workspace depends on the type of work being carried out.
Alternative Space provide a free consultation service to ensure that product and user fit together perfectly. We also provide purpose built furniture to ensure that the internal space is used to maximum advantage.

And for two workers what size garden office do you suggest?

As above.

Are the foundations included in the price, if so what type?

Of course! We provide a complete service with no hidden extras.
The type of footing and/or foundation depends on the site. All proposed sites are surveyed prior to quotation to ensure that the correct footings are provided.

Are your garden offices suitable for year round use? What type of insulation do you use? How thick are your walls?

More than suitable.

We use triple skin, seven layer, structural insulated panels together with double and quadruple, argon filled, glazed panels.

Our buildings are holistically designed to provide the perfect working environment.

If you want to more about the specifics of our product you will have to talk to use directly. We think our product is the best on the market, we intend to keep it that way!

What is the exterior cladding on your garden offices?

Our standard cladding is Clear, Grade 1 quality North Canadian Cedar.
Other cheaper options are available, but we don’t recommend them.

What is the roof covering?

Our buildings are normally covered with a green living roof, as part of an integrated approach to insulation, the control of rain water run-off and a reduced C02 footprint.
All buildings should have living roofs!

What is the interior lining and floor covering?

All Interior decorative panels (walls and ceilings) are painted with Auro natural paints and our flooring is solid Oak.

How many electrical sockets do you include as standard?

As many as are required. Each project is independently accessed to ensure that the users requirements are met.

What sort of lighting do you use in your offices, why have you chosen this type?

Low energy background lighting supplemented by zone specific task lighting. This offers low running costs.

Do you include heating in your garden office as standard, if so what type?

Of course, low wattage electrical panel heating because this provides low cost heating.

Broadband and telephone are important in a garden office, how do buyers get these to the office?

We have both Coms and IT consultants who are happy to advise.

What optional extras would you recommend to create the perfect office setup?

The right furniture in the right layout which suits the task being performed.

What is the lead time on your garden offices?

Project dependant, between 3 to 5 weeks

What is the typical on site build time?

Project dependant, between 1 to 4 weeks.

How much does a typical one person office cost?

From £9,000.00

How much does a typical two person office cost?


Are there any hidden extras? (planning fees, electrical hookup etc)


All clients receive a fixed price quotation which itemises everything that is included.

Don’t pay for hidden extras!

What is the lifespan of your garden offices, is there any ongoing maintenance?

There is no such thing as a maintenance free building. However, there should be very little our buildings are designed to be ‘virtually’ maintenance free.
Life span in excess 25 years.

What guarantees come with the office, are they free?

Free of charge 5 year company guarantee.
We include 3,6 and 12 month check-ups, free of charge.

If you could give a buyer one piece of advice about buying a garden office, what would it be?

Don’t buy the cheapest. Your not buying a shed your buying a small building.

Taken with what you read? Contact Alternative Space on 01981541205 for a chat or visit their website at

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