Control your garden office by text

Irish Wood Style tweeted last week that they were glad they had texted the office early to switch the heating on, nothing unusual for the boss to text his staff to switch the heating before he arrives, you may think, but Irish Wood Style had actually texted the building itself!

This is a great feature, and can be used to control not only the garden offices heating, but lighting, security systems etc. The system works by incorporating a GSM sim card in the electrical circuits, you then text ‘on’ or ‘off’ to the GSM sim card and the heating or lights are switched on or off. When you’re in the office you can just override the settings.

Irish Wood Style says this about controlling the heating:

We have this in our office as there are many times we are late on the road and arriving back to the office 10 pm or later, long after the heating has been turned off, so on the cold nights we can text ahead and have the office nice and snug on our arrival

If you would like a cooperative garden office, visit the Irish Wood Style website for more details.

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