Bring the Family into your home with Granny Annex

Guest post by Hudson Garden Rooms

It comes that time in everyone’s life when they need to consider the options for caring for a loved one or elderly relative. In recent years planning permission agencies have seen steady increases in requests to build garden rooms or garden buildings in the gardens to be used as a Granny Annex.

A Granny Annex typically is a living space in which the loved one or relative resides but is away from the main house in the garden or a house extension. They can be as simple as a small bedroom or a fully fitted annex with kitchen and bathroom for complete independence.

A Granny Annex is a great way to keep an eye of your loved ones without having them impede on your main home space.

Although the initial outlay of a granny annex could seem expensive; most people utilise the sale of a loved ones home to supplement the funding of an annex. Also in most cases, the cost of a granny annex outweighs the costs of a nursing home significantly. As reported by The Guardian a private residential care home or nursing home costs around £30,000 a year. A Granny Annex from Hudson Garden Rooms typically starts from £18,000 and you have 15-20 years of guaranteed use. You do the math!

Also a recent study has also shown loved ones are happier in a granny annex in contact with the family rather than in a distant nursing home with strangers.

We would like to hear your experiences of looking after a loved one with a granny annex and how this helped you and your family.

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