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Today we spend 5 minutes with and ask them questions about their contemporary garden studios:

What makes your company / garden rooms unique?

At we are unique in that we have experience in both manufacturing and architectural design through our two companies ( + Bark Joinery).  Working in parallel between the two has allowed us to create and deliver a unique product that is at the forefront of contemporary garden building design.

Be it a new home, annex, garden room, extension, office, gym or pool house, here at our studio can be custom-built to your needs with almost endless possibilities.

Unlike our competitors, at we have an experienced team of designers working alongside skilled craftsmen and joiners who manufacture all the components for our builds in-house including bi-folding doors, windows and even bespoke furniture.  The prefabrication is carried out in our factory in Leicestershire, UK and delivered and constructed to a site anywhere in Europe.  Our average build time is typically between 2-4 weeks depending on the size of the project.

What features of your garden rooms are you most proud of?

As a design conscious company, we are very proud of the aesthetic appearance of our garden rooms.  Our team comprises of architects, designers and experts in construction who work symbiotically from the workshop through to completion – to create and build your perfect garden room.

One of the design features we are extremely proud of is our unique cantilevered roof design which incorporates an overhanging porch to provide shade and cover, clad in an attractive and highly durable Accoya timber, it also doubles up to house the bi-folding doors when open.

When designing your garden rooms, which is more important form or function?
As the Architect Louis Sullivan and father of modernism said, “Form follows Function” and this transpires towards our thinking to.  We feel our buildings are functional at heart with the form taking shape over its use.

What scope do you have for incorporating the customers design ideas into your garden rooms?

All our studios are different in their function as we strive to deliver a Garden Room to meet our exact clients needs and requirements. To date, we have not produced two identical studios, demonstrating the fully bespoke service we offer.

Our expert designers work closely with clients requirements to produce a fully flexible and tailor-made studio.  For example, extras such as shelving, wardrobes, WC’s, Kitchenettes, and extended outdoor decking + landscaping have all been incorporated regularly in previous builds.

Many customers are concerned about planning permission, how can you help customers with this issue?

All our builds meet the latest building regulations for dwellings, and if you’re looking for a stand alone studio, it is likely that you won’t require planning permission.

In the case it is required, are happy to offer our professional advice, take the necessary measurements and drawings and undertake the whole application process for you with your local council. Thus ensuring the build is planned and constructed in the most hassle-free and professional manner.

Not every site is level, what options do you have for building your garden rooms on uneven ground? can build a studio on almost any slope.  The typical foundations used throughout our studios are built upon revolutionary new concrete plinths.  It has many benefits including its flexible application for uneven ground and portability; however it is most acclaimed for its sustainability, typically using 95% less concrete than a conventional slab.

Some customers are concerned about the ongoing maintenance of a garden room, what annual maintenance do your garden rooms require?

For durability and longevity, there is next to no maintenance required.

What aftercare do you offer your customers?

Our studios come with a 5 year guarantee, with an additional 10 years for the roof.  Should your studio require any attention during this period our team will come to site and rectify any issues you may have.

Describe your company in three words!

Architects… Designers… Manufacturers…

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